Breast Milk Cures Cancer

Breast Milk Cures Cancer

Breast milk cures cancer - Breast milk is beneficial not only for babies but for cancer patients, according to German scientists. A substance found in breast milk, may become a new cure for cancer.

Although the substance known as HAMLET (Human Alpha–lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumour cells), was discovered in breast milk several years ago, only now have the opportunity to test its properties on humans. Scientists from the University of Lund and University of Gothenburg, Germany, reported that patients suffering from bladder cancer, who are undergoing treatment using extract of breast milk during urination stand out dead cancer cells. These results give good hope for developing new drugs for cancer treatment in the future.

HAMLET was discovered by accident when researchers were studying the antibacterial properties of breast milk. In the process of further observation, the scientists noticed that the HAMLET consists of proteins and fatty acids that are natural components of breast milk. Laboratory studies have shown that this substance kills 40 different types of cancer, and at the moment, scientists are studying its effect on skin cancer, tumours in the mucous membranes and in the brain. In addition, researchers from the University of Gothenburg are focusing on how to deliver HAMLET in tumor formation. Also, they try to understand the mechanism of action of substances on membrane of cancer cells.

It is worth noting that the most important property of matter is that it only kills cancer tumors without damaging healthy cells.

Breast Milk Cures Cancer: Treatment

Breast milk used to fight cancer after scientists accidentally discovered that it contains substances that kill tumor cells. Test on patient of bladder cancer has provided promising results, and the researchers believe that the milk of pregnant women - the hamlet was named is also able to help the fight against cancer of the colon and cancer of the cervix.

They also say that he lived in the cancer cells, make healthy cells don't get hurt - so it does not have the side effect of debilitating chemotherapy. Professor Catherine Svanborg, which make preliminary findings, said last night: "There is something magical about the ability of the orchard to target tumor cells and kill them." He said that breast milk pregnancy protein called alpha-lactalbumin, which are converted to cancer - When in the intestine. Professor Svanborg, a immunology from Lund University in Sweden accidentally discovered that substances that kill tumor cells when working with antibiotics.

He said: "We are looking for agents antimicrobial new, and the milk of the new mother is a very good source in one of the experiments that we need cells and bacteria the human, and we choose the cells of human tumors for practical purposes." To awe us, When we add a compound of this milk, tumor cells died. It is an unexpected discovery.

These substances attack the cancer cells in different ways - first, by avoiding the protection of the outside of the cell, and then with the target "power plants" of the mitochondria and the - "how". This action cut off the energy source of the cell and "programmed "him to commit suicide in a process called apoptosis. The initial test in patients with bladder cancer showed that those who had entered the village, began to shed tumor cells die in the urine for several days. At the time of this trial a large-scale which has been scheduled to oppose the placebo-drug dummy.