Liver Cancer Treatment in Hindi

Liver Cancer Treatment in Hindi
Liver cancer treatment in Hindi - Get the death of the best of this disease in India is the location of the fifth that the liver cancer. Statistics show that two out of ten suffer from liver disease. cancer of the liver called Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

After forty who are concerned about the healthy lifestyle not altered by liver disease worsens after 60. Chronic hepatitis C and a higher risk of getting liver cancer in Jaundice. Initially, there are no specific symptoms for identifying liver cancer. However, the top and left of the stomach that causes pain, the abdomen way unusual bloating, hearts grow, will not see, weight loss of appetite, vomiting, eye, and skin color is very pale so this may be a symptom of liver cancer.

The liver is a globular organ that is located in the upper right of your stomach. The correct position is above your diaphragm and over your stomach. Cancer of the liver starts in your liver cells, destroys them and disrupts the activity of the liver. Liver cancer with the most common form of hepatocellular carcinoma (hepatocellular carcinoma), which is the main type of liver cell, is first called Hepatocyte. In other types of liver cancer can also start with cancer, but it is very rare.

Not all liver cancers affect the liver. As for other areas of body cancer such as the large intestine (colon), lungs or breasts initially enlarged to the liver, cancer is metastatic than liver cancer (metastatic cancer). The name of this type of cancer is named after the authority in which it began. For example, cancer that starts in the colon is called metastatic colon cancer.

Liver Cancer Treatment in Hindi

Since liver cancer is known to check if it is in the early stages it can be controlled by taking care at home, but it combines the old to not make many changes in treatments. And avoid a liver diet that is composed of healthy. Eating food or eating habits is also home remedies. Let's make the home cures a healthy heart.

1. Nutrition or diet. Levers are required to clean and filter water. The water lever remains clean and healthy. Drink a lot. Red meat is an enemy of alcoholic hepatic converts. Food more calories, because the lever is less cancer hungry, feel like eating food is the largest number of calories in food. Patients with liver cancer with a diet with fruits, vegetables, along with garlic, seasonal, green tea, avocado, saffron, walnuts, papaya contains all fruits and vegetables to ensure a healthy heart.

2. Garlic. A large number of existing liver enzyme active sulfur compounds in garlic and the juice of a toxic body and work to remove the food. It works to protect the heart. Garlic can be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach with water so that it is healthy for the heart.

3. Grapefruit. Vitamin C is found in large quantities this season. It cleans the heart. It protects the liver from toxic substances that are enzymes that cleanse the liver. This is found in certain compounds, Kemisl flavonoids who do not have fat deposits in the liver and keep them burning.

4. Turmeric and basil. For liver health is a very important intake in saffron. This not only protects against things that have toxic liver but also build and destroy the cells of the liver. While the basil, the growth of black liver cancer from the use of distance. Ayurvedic medicines against liver cancer go on a special discussion about black basil.

People often have problems after cancer is found. During the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and after and after, practical and emotional support is very important. The researchers involved in this important survey have provided information on the process. Below, the first cellular enzyme must be deactivated. After that, the research was conducted to remove cancer cells by giving strong medications.

According to researchers at the University of Delaware, this effort of scientists can have a greater role in the treatment of liver cancer. Currently, treatment of this disease is difficult. Treating liver cancer is difficult for surgery, and existing medications are also not effective. In this case, this study can show new ways of treating cancer. According to data from the National Institute of Health, about 82% of patients die within 5 years of diagnosis of cancer. But scientists think that this disease can be found later.