Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Liver cancer treatment in homeopathy - Treatment of liver cancer must be multi-directional therapy. This is not homeopathy or conventional medicine. The best long-term results are achieved through age-combined therapy, the stage of liver cancer and the patient's general health condition. Conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, help to eliminate cancer faster, homeopathy treatment for liver cancer can help regress cancer to the liver, prevent the recurrence of liver cancer at The elimination of side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy, therefore, better reaction to other treatments. Liver cancer treatment in homeopathy - What you need to know is that homeopathic treatments for liver cancer, developed at Welling clinics can be very useful for those who suffer from liver cancer.

Homeopathy recognizes the disease and chooses the necessary drug, but always (or must always) ask what is in the Constitution, which this person tends to receive in the first place. Thus, the history of the past is very important. A good example is a gall/colic from middle-aged women.

In general practice, the most common liver disease for me is gallbladder disease, such as stones, spasms of the bile duct and also hormonal changes. With the exception of hepatitis, liver disease is usually slow. Even the gallstones, which may seem to be acute onset, could have developed for some time. Many apologists homeopaths say that responsible homeopathy will never make such claims. He may be right, but the sad reality is that there are too many irresponsible homeopaths.

Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

In homeopathy, non-toxic drugs are used to treat this cancer. There are no side effects associated with home medications for cervical cancer. If this problem is diagnosed in an early phase, it becomes easier to treat and lasts less. In subsequent stages, it takes more time to improve the situation. It is possible to treat cancer with homeopathic medicines. In fact, homeopathy is the only method of treatment that can completely cure this disease. There are different approaches to treating this disease in homeopathy. Practitioners of good origin usually use a combination of this approach in treating cancer patients. See also: Liver Cancer Treatment in Hindi.

A. The approach towards Care 1. The first philosophy for treating cancer is to directly target cancerous tumors. Liver cancer treatment in homeopathy - In this way, the practitioner chooses the appropriate medicine to match the symptoms of the tumor. Examples of such medicines are Conium Maculatum, which can be used to treat tumors that cannot move, can develop slowly and develop slowly. In this approach, the symptoms of other patients are also considered and treated. This approach targets tumors and reverses growth to the point where they no longer exist or become harmless.

B. The approach towards Care 2. The second or indirect approach is to strengthen the process of cellular detoxification and the elimination channel of patients such as liver, lymphatic system, urinary tract, and kidneys. From this approach, practitioners homeopați use low-potential drainage drugs that detoxify certain substances, such as heavy metals, or target certain body systems. Certain medicines used for this drainage are chosen after a thorough analysis of certain cases of cancer.

C. Care Approach 3. In this approach, a full interview is carried out about the emotional, physical and mental symptoms of the patient. After that, the best matching solution was chosen to address the complete constitution of the patient. Most of these homeopathic medicines will directly affect and target cancerous tumors. This treatment, if done correctly, can lead to the complete removal of the cancerous tumor, resulting in a complete recovery.

According to the joint US Committee on Tumors, cancer, gland, metastatic system, all 3 patients were diagnosed in stage IV. Their performance status of Karnofsky is between 20% and 50%, and their assessment score of the Eastern Oriental Cooperation group is between 3 and 4. In this case, conventional cancer care cannot be initiated due to the advanced stage of the disease, their finances.

Liver cancer treatment in homeopathy - In these patients, Psorinum-6x was administered orally at a dose of 0.02 ml/kg body/day on an empty stomach for a full duration of 2 years, along with homeopathic treatment and support. According to the criteria for assessing the response to the criteria for solid tumors, the complete tumor response occurred in 1 case, and the partial tumor response occurred in 2 other cases. All 3 patients remained alive and maintained a stable quality of life for at least 2 years. Patients have not reported adverse reactions from Psorinum-6x.

As stated earlier, if the role of the liver is the synthesis of fuel for other organs, the entire body must be investigated for the involvement of other organs, especially the kidneys. Hahnemann strongly emphasizes the entire body involved in the disease. I think this is an area where the homeopathic approach has so much to offer, especially in the prevention.