Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Liver cancer treatment in homeopathy - A approach, a homeopathic for the treatment of patients with carcinomas with advanced gallbladder, periampullary, and liver: a report of 3 cases.

The authors present 3 cases of various pathologically confirmed malignancies (one gallbladder, one periampullary, and one liver). These patients underwent the therapy of Psorinum as a treatment of primary cancer. Psorinum therapy is an approach homeopathic to treat patients with cancer.

According to the Joint Committee of the U.s. about the cancer tumor, the lymph, the system of metastasis, 3 patients were diagnosed at stage IV. His Karnofsky performance status was between 20% and 50% and its status of the Strategy's Oncology Group Cooperative East was between 3 and 4. In these cases, the conventional treatments for cancer were not able to start due to the advanced stage of their disease, And their financial constraints.

Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy: Interventions and Results

In these patients, Psorinum-6x was administered orally at a dose of 0.02 ml / kg body weight / day with an empty stomach during a full duration of the course of 2 years, along with the supportive treatment allopathic and homeopathic. According to the Criteria of Response Evaluation in Solid Tumors, the tumor response complete occurred in 1 case and partial response of the tumor occurred in the other 2 cases. The 3 patients remained alive and maintained a quality of life stable for at least 2 years. The patients did not reported adverse side effects of Psorinum-6x.

This report indicates the clinical efficacy of the therapy Psorinum in the treatment of these 3 patients. Must be done a basic research and comprehensive clinical trials are well-designed to further investigate this homeopathic treatment for cancer with the purpose of incorporating it into the mainstream of cancer treatments.

Our clinics are the largest centre using alternative medicine or homeopathy in the treatment of cancer. Almost all the variants of the disease are treated in our hospitals, in a large number. As we do not know of another way to publicize our successes in the treatment of cancer, we found that almost all of our patients who visit us do so because they personally know another patient who suffers from cancer or other similar diseases that threaten your life.

Cancer is the disease that is receiving more attention by researchers in the field of Medicine. There are literally millions of academic papers published on the subject, and large sums of money are invested in research. However, there has been very little progress to date in the treatment carried out by the conventional medicine.

Our experience, as shown in the cases collected at random, is that in comparison with the conventional therapies (usually chemotherapy or radiotherapy) live better, longer and even are more likely to be completely cured of the disease. Another important factor for countries such as India, Africa or the countries of Latin America, is that the cost of carrying out this treatment is significantly lower, despite the many advantages compared to conventional medicine.

Liver Cancer Treatment in Homeopathy

Another feature of our treatment is that it can be used even when the patient's health is too fragile to be subjected to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. This is because, unlike the conventional treatment options, that our medicines have no side effects at all and can be used with safety in case of health very precarious for the patient.

An approach to the treatment
It has now standardized the treatment for each specific type of cancer. When these external treatments of the patients do not respond to standard treatment, then looking for a more personal approach. We have two simultaneous lines to the medication:

  • an electronic system that collects the immediate concerns of the patient: pains, water accumulation, nausea, insomnia, etc
  • The other line is directed to the disease itself. A large number of investigations have been conducted to find treatments against the pain caused by the cancer, allowing us to address the pain experienced by patients who have cancer.
  • The first line of treatment is aimed at improving the quality of life of the patient. The second line of treatment is directed to the treatment of the main disease.

However, the procedures followed depend on the exact symptoms of the disease. What is important is that most of them respond to standard treatment that has been created thanks to the extensive research conducted over several decades by Dr. Parimal Banerji and his son Dr. Paramesh Vanerji.