Symptoms of Liver Cancer in Females

Symptoms of Liver Cancer in Females

Symptoms of liver cancer in females - liver cancer is one of the common forms of cancer and is found mainly in Asia and Africa than white people. About gender is concerned, cancer that affects the liver mostly found in men. Although the symptoms of this type of cancer are more or less the same in both, some of the signs of this disease are more prominent in women.

This type of cancer has many different forms, but if the situation starts from the cells of the liver, is considered primary liver cancer. Cancer originating in other organs such as the stomach, the lungs, and the sinuses can spread to the liver and this is technically known as metastasis of the liver. However, both conditions are either known as liver cancer only. Studies show that cancer affects the liver is the most common one-fifth in the type of cancer in the world. survival rates they are also very low. Most patients do not survive more than one year after the detection of the condition. It has also been found that early stage cancer is mostly asymptomatic and track conditions this is usually done at an advanced stage.

What Liver Cancer Symptoms In Females

In fact, no signs of liver separated by cancer among men and women, but it is said that some of these symptoms are more common in women. Early stage is asymptomatic and the symptoms develop in the advanced stage. In general, the signs and symptoms of this type of cancer include weight loss that is unexplained, loss of appetite, pain in the upper abdomen, pain, and swelling in the enlargement area, nausea and vomiting, fatigue. people can also develop yellowness of the eyes, skin, and nails, causing jaundice. The people involved can also develop back pain, anemia, and fever. These symptoms can combine with the type of liver cancer.

For women, a part of the signs and symptoms above is the most prominent. The most common symptoms of liver cancer in women include abdominal bloating and fullness, which is often confused with the symptoms of PMS. This can also be an indication of ovarian cancer. Loss of appetite and weight loss unexplained also common experiment by women with this type of cancer. Despite the stomach cramps, frequent abdominal discomfort and pain may be a sign of this type of cancer. the symptoms of other common liver cancer in women weak, pain in the right shoulder blade, anemia and anorexia. Studies show that women with hypothyroidism are more prone to this type of cancer, but this hypothesis was not found true for men. It has been observed that women tend to ignore the association of these symptoms with their way of life or other problems.

Although symptoms of liver cancer in men and women may differ slightly, the diagnosis and treatment of this disease are the same for both sexes. The Diagnosis is usually made through blood analysis, liver biopsy, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Even stop test need to be done, and to determine the progression of the disease in a particular patient. The treatment of liver cancer is decided based on various factors such as stage of cancer patients and their health status. Methods of treatment include radiotherapy, radiotherapy or freezing (cryosurgery) cancer cells and cancer cells alcohol injection. In some cases, chemotherapy drugs are injected into the liver or the affected part of the liver removed through surgery. However, liver transplantation surgery is considered as a method that is the quite successful treatment of this cancer, also in the case of small tumors. The chance of recurrence is very high in the case of liver cancer. Therefore, whether man or woman, in the case of the above incident, see a doctor immediately to rule out the possibility of liver cancer.