What Does a Testicular Cancer Lump Feel Like?

What Does a Testicular Cancer Lump Feel Like

What does a testicular cancer lump feel like? The testis is the male reproductive organs that hang in the scrotum, just below the penis to make sperm and testosterone. Like most parts of your body, they may be cancerous. Rarely compared to other types of cancer, but this is most common in males between 15 and 35 years old. Even if it spreads out the testis, it is most likely to be treated.

Most testicular cancer begins in germ cells, creating sperm. There are two main types of testicular cancer of the germ cell: non-fibroids tend to occur in young men and spread rapidly. And the older men are more likely to have seminomas, this usually does not spread as fast as not seminomas.

Symptoms: The most common indication is swollen or lumps in the testis does not cause pain. There may be size by beans or larger. Other symptoms include: The changes in the testis feel, may feel tighter or have other textures; Feel heavy or heavy in the scrotum; Pain, discomfort, or pain in the testis, scrotum, lower abdomen, or groin; and/or sudden accumulation of liquids in the scrotum.

When are you seeing a doctor? If you feel the pain, swelling, or a lump in the testis, go see a doctor. Do not delay over two weeks. If it is cancer, early treatments can make you more likely to recover. If you wait to go to your doctor, it gives cancer time to spread to other parts of your body.

What Does a Testicular Cancer Lump Feel Like?

What is the cause? Doctors do not know the cause of testicular cancer. They know it starts the same as the other type when some cells begin to grow out of control and form tumors. But researchers tried to figure out what triggered it. However, some things are known to increase your chances of having it.

Who got it? Age, race, and other conditions can make you more likely to develop testicular cancer: infants and older men can grab it, but most in males 15-35 the white people over others. and/or conditions affecting how refined development can increase your chances. An example is the Klinefelter syndrome, a genetic disease that can make you more likely to have the testis essence.

Testisperm undescended: Before birth, the testis grows in the baby's stomach. They often fall into the scrotum of birth or at least equal to 1. Age but sometimes, one (or both) does not fall down testis as undescended. The men who have this problem are more likely to develop testicular cancer, even if they have to be surgically to fix it. Surgery is still useful, although the testis easier to check that when they are in the scrotum.

What does a testicular cancer lump feel like - How do I Test yourself? Your doctor may recommend checking lumps every month, especially if you are more likely to develop testicular cancer. To take this test: (1) shower or bath in advance to the scrotum. (2) Stand in front of the mirror to find the swelling in the scrotum. (3) Keep your testitis between your thumb and your fingers and roll them gently. (4) feel lumps or structural changes.