M Protein Levels in Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma protein levels - m protein levels in multiple myeloma - Adjuvant immunotherapy with antigen-loaded dendritic cells (DCs) represents a unique and relatively nonpoisonous treatment modality for multiple myeloma (MM). Malignant cells in MM produce a monoclonal immunoglobulin (idiotypic protein) that is considered a tumor-specific antigen and may be used for the induction of T lymphocytes.
M Protein Levels in Multiple Myeloma

To enhance the anti-myeloma immune reaction, the idiotypic protein (identity-protein) can be loaded into autologous DCs and used for vaccination. pursuits: The intention of this observer became to evaluate DC-based vaccine pre-clinically and test the safety and the immune response of the vaccine in patients with MM. sufferers and strategies: Pre-scientific checking out turned into completed in 8 patients with MM. DC loaded with autologous myeloma cells have been used for autologous T cell stimulation in vitro.

M protein levels in multiple myeloma - After capable preclinical testing, we've vaccinated 4 sufferers with solid sickness or asymptomatic gradual progressive sickness according to EBMT standards. sufferers were pre-handled with excessive-dose chemotherapy and automobile-PBSCT. DC precursors have been removed as an adherent fraction from peripheral blood of the myeloma patients. DCs have been prepared in vitro and loaded with identification-protein underneath GMP situations as previously described (Ocadlikova et al.Med Oncol 2006, 23: 377-384). sufferers had been vaccinated each 4 weeks subcutaneously with 6 doses, each containing 1, forty six-18,1 e 06 (suggest nine, fifty-two e 06) DCs.
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The immune reaction turned into evaluated by using waft cytometry, Elispot and the skin check of allergy. results: IFN-gamma production of T cells stimulated with autologous myeloma cell loaded DC turned into observed. After a success pre-clinical testing a clinical section I/II trial become initiated. a complete of 24 vaccines had been implemented to four sufferers to this point (January 2007). The viability, wide variety and practical characteristics of in vitro matured DCs loaded with identity-protein have been satisfactory with 50,10-ninety nine, three% (median 87,08%) of HLA-DR/CD86+ cells.

Multiple myeloma protein levels - Each vaccination became well tolerated with most effective slight fever in 1 affected person. No grade II-IV. toxicity appeared. The medical trial is ongoing and a complete of 12 sufferers is deliberate to be evaluated. Conclusions: Vaccination with identification-protein loaded autologous dendritic cells demonstrates feasibility and protection in patients with multiple myeloma pre-dealt with with excessive dose chemotherapy.