What Are The Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - Breast cancer is most common in women, which occurs when cancer cells grow from the breast tissue and include breast tissue lobes, milk transfer channels. Doctors usually classify "breast cancer" in four stages, the first: the tumor is less than 2 cm, and the lymph nodes under the armpit does not have any cancer cells, the second stage: it means that Cancer has begun to spread, and is found in some lymph nodes Under the armpit cancer cells, and the tumor is greater than 2 cm, not greater than 5 cm, in the third stage: the tumor is greater than 5 cm and spread in the components surrounding the breast and lymph nodes, and the fourth stage: characterized by the spread of the tumor in different parts of the body, Small.

CancerOZ presents symptoms that predict women have "breast cancer". What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - The most easily observed symptoms are as follows: (Not all of the following symptoms are a sign of cancer, as further medical checks are necessary).

Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer
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Breast swelling - In the early stages of cancer the tumor is usually very small, so doctors recommend mammography and other types of breast cancer screening techniques, so as to early detection of the disease. In the fourth stage, women are able to see the tumor, which is located under the armpit, or elsewhere nearby, or in the breast tissue.

Skin changes - Some types of breast cancer cause changes in the skin. For example, Bajit breast disease is a type of breast cancer that occurs in the nipple area and is usually associated with tumors inside the breast, accompanied by itching in the skin, or redness around the nipple, Sores, abnormal discharge from the nipple. Inflammatory breast cancer is also accompanied by skin changes, because cancer cells act to block the lymphatic vessels, causing redness, swelling, red spots and red spots in the skin, making the breasts thicker.
Secretion of the nipple - Exhaling fluid from the nipple is necessary for breast cancer, whether it is mixed with blood, or yellow excretions that are not mixed with blood, and red blood-stained excretion is a sign of breast cancer.

Swelling - Breast cancer may appear normal in the early stages of breast cancer, although there are growing cancer cells within it. In advanced stages, however, women complain of swelling in the breast and under the armpit. Where swelling appears more pronounced in the fourth stage of cancer.

Breast pain - If cancer produces swelling, redness, itching, sores and skin blemishes, it can also cause pain in the breast.
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Fatigue - According to the 2011 study, it has been shown that fatigue and stress is the most common symptom in cancer patients, affecting patients during the treatment phase, and after treatment as well.

Insomnia - Some women suffer from hot flashes after menopause, they occur several times a day and can occur at night, causing them discomfort and pain that interrupts their sleep. In a 2001 study, researchers noted that insomnia in treating cancer patients was a "neglected problem" and recommended cognitive therapy instead of sleeping pills to help patients sleep better.

Problems in the digestive system - Cancer and its treatments can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, lack of sleep, in addition to gastrointestinal dysfunction, which occurs as a result of not having a healthy diet, lack of fiber that needs to work optimally. What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - Over time, a woman with "breast cancer" has a loss of appetite with a marked loss of weight.

Difficulty breathing - In the fourth stage of cancer, a woman feels chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and chronic cough, suggesting that cancer has migrated to the lungs.

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, or breast cancer, is one of the most common cancers in women. Men are also exposed to it, but rarely. As we know that cancer is an abnormal and rapid growth of cells in the breast area, It is often formed in the ducts of milk, sometimes in lobes and in rare cases affecting the rest of the tissues.

Despite the risk of breast cancer, in recent years medicine has developed significantly in the area of early detection and treatment of breast cancer without mastectomy and is no longer eradicated in very rare cases. Thus, the mortality of victims of breast cancer has decreased significantly, and at present, there are many Various treatments to treat this disease before it spreads greatly, we recommend that you check it early before it is too late.

How is breast self-examination? What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - Before we talk about symptoms of breast cancer, I will give you some information that will help you in early detection of breast cancer through self-examination. You may wonder what is self-examination of breast cancer? Simply tell you how you can discover breast cancer early before it spreads. There are two known methods: the most common, the method of lines and the way of circles.

Keep in front of large times, allowing you to see the area of the breasts and shoulders clearly, taking into account that the lighting is side and sufficient as the side lighting makes the picture more pronounced, and therefore can be seen any changes have been made, check the shape and size of the breasts, and think it is often the size The breasts are different, that is, there are bigger breasts than the other.

Lift the deck and raise the hands behind the head and press in the direction of the front, re-examine the shape and size of the breasts as it did in the previous step. Now put your hands on both sides of the pelvic bones waist, gently press and bend slightly and you push your shoulder and arms forward, check the shape and size of the breast, as I did before, it is best to do this step from the examination to take a shower. Carefully and sensitively check what is normal for your breasts to detect any changes that may occur in the future, so make sure to do a complete examination of the area required to follow one of these methods.

Way Fonts - What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - Start under the armpit and move your fingers slightly until you pray to the breast area, move your fingers slightly inside and head up to pray above the breast, and so on until the entire area is examined.
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Either way circuit - Start with the outer breast and move your fingers inward in the form of circles, until you finish the full breast examination. The American National Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society recommend the use of the breast screening method, which is the best method.

Squeeze gently on the nipples to check for any secretions. In this step, the breast is re-examined. You should lie down on the bed with a pillow and a towel folded under the shoulder to the side of the breast to be examined. Place your hand on the same side under the head and use the other hand.

What Are The Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - Breast cancer cannot be diagnosed in its early stages, but in general, there are symptoms of breast cancer that are evident at the beginning of its development and spread in the breast:
  • The first signs that appear in the breast are a solid mass under the skin, which is the result of the abnormal growth of the cells, which are composed mostly of the time in milk transport channels, which in most cases do not hurt and may also be formed in the armpit, and not all the clusters that are cancerous, But to take precaution, the doctor must be examined.
  • One of the symptoms of breast cancer is also clear, the presence of secretions of the nipple is not secretion of milk, and are in the form of secretions in the form of yellow liquid or secretions mixed with blood.
  • The color of the nipple changes and cracks and contractions and starts to fall back into the breast in a non-natural way, such as the cancerous symptoms that appear very obvious to the naked eye.
  • The shape of the infected breast changes and begins to shrink and deform. Dandruff and dandruff skin begins to become melted like lemongrass, in addition to a change in the shape of the breast, and the feeling of pain at the breast level, as well as the feverish rise of the temperature at the breast level.
  • There are a lot of symptoms, but the other is apparent in the other and is prominent due to the huge development of breast cancer cells, it is not useful to mention because in that case, cancer has spread greatly.
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What should you do? It is also said to be "better than treatment", you should check continuously every month after a few days of the end of the menstrual cycle, the examination can be done alone at home and visit the doctor once a year to see if you have breast cancer through the diagnosis of "mammogram" At the beginning of the formation of cancer cells and after the age of fifty increases the risk of cancer, you should visit the doctor once a year to ensure your safety.

To reduce the likelihood of injury - Aerobic exercise contributes significantly to the prevention of breast cancer. At the normal rate recommended, it is half an hour of fast walking every day as a doubling of faith or an hour of exercise every two days. What are the early symptoms of breast cancer - The doctors recommend breastfeeding. It reduces the risk of breast cancer and nappy on the ideal weight. About Alcohol There is an article on the site that combines the best methods of prevention of breast cancer. You can visit here from breast cancer prevention and you will find much useful information for your health.