Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Age (Stories)

Early signs of pancreatic cancer age - Dane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the year 2011 at the age of 49 years. We regret to inform you that after a recurrence of pancreatic cancer on 29 October 2013, the Dane lost the battle with this disease. And was a supporter of the brilliant action of pancreatic cancer, and he along with family and friends are working hard to help us raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. We think of the funds as a friend and we will miss him. We convey our condolences to his wife Charlie and all family and friends. And will be updating our story, but unfortunately, this disease is to prevent this. His story (below) before his illness recurred.

As a 49-year-old boy, with a healthy exercise regimen, moderate drinkers and not smoking over the past 15 months, with no family history of cancer or a personal health history, I consider myself a healthy, healthy and even went undefeated while living I changed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011, is the same as on Sunday morning. I was awakened by my young girls, Maddie and Olivia in 06:15, we play until 7ish, I went downstairs and made coffee, and then sleep well to enjoy a morning relaxing and watching the film. Early signs of pancreatic cancer age. After I drink coffee, I feel bad, and a little bit of pain in my stomach is growing, and, like ordinary people, I ignored it. After eating my breakfast 8:30 hour, the pain in my stomach, so I went to bed. The pain continued to worsen, and my wife, Charlie, decided to call the doctor and found a Center in Northampton. We arrived at around 16:00, and now I have been struggling to walk with the pain in my stomach. The doctor refused my symptoms as gastrointestinal disorders and suggested that it may be due to eating Curry and drinking a few beers the night before. I protested that I don't drink much and I did cook it yourself, which is a healthy alternative to take away choice. The doctors gave me pills for indigestion and send me home.

Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Age

A startling dream in front of me and the next morning I decide not to work successfully. Instead, I went to a local doctor my doctor for 16 years, where I had great faith. He looked at me and agreed that I will soon be seen at a local hospital. I came to the hospital, take my blood and allocate beds. However, with severe abdominal pain, I spent three days in the hospital without food and water and connecting the dropper. This is my first time absent from work due to illness in the entire 24 years of my career.

Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Age
After my third day in the hospital, the pain began to subside and acute pancreatitis is diagnosed by ultrasound scan. I was advised not to drink alcohol for a month and eat food less appealing because I reduced alcohol consumption significantly and only eat foods that are freshly prepared in 7 months (new year's resolution to be dealt with My wife and me). When I was discharged from the hospital, the pain in my stomach to subside, and I no longer have the problem of pain. (See Also: Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer with Liver Metastases)

I went on holiday to Crete with my wife and my daughter on August 11, with a weight of 14 stone 8 pounds (I know this is how we laugh after previous vacations all inclusive of who the most weight). Early signs of pancreatic cancer age. Moreover, I experienced several bouts of diarrhea, I put food in hotels and restaurants where we are. I still refrain from alcohol, as suggested a doctor.

On 22 August, I noticed that my light colored stool, urine and I changed colors: darker color first, and then the color orange continues to burn. In addition, I found every time I eat, my meal will penetrate my body. In the days that followed, my wife noticed that my skin was a little yellow and white of the eye is yellow, I thought I got a nice tan. The itching then develops, the increasingly intensive as each passing day. We spent that night to browse the Internet, trying to determine the cause of these symptoms. I know this is wrong, but I believe that it is human nature to fear the worst, and after 3 hours of searching on the Internet carefully, it is clear that all my symptoms indicate the presence of cancer of the pancreas. In addition, his predictions are very bad. All the information I find is highlighted by a very high mortality rate and after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, my time will be limited to just a few months.

Early signs of pancreatic cancer age. My wife and I cried, trying to understand the breadth of his reading, all the while hoping to find an alternative diagnosis, something that would not indicate these monsters. The next morning, I called the doctor to make an appointment when I returned to the United Kingdom. Wait two days, trying to sleep because of the relentless and itchy all the time thinking that I have a fatal illness, but my daughter hold me. I arrived home on August 25 and immediately go to the doctor. My doctor saw me, and he knows that I am not healthy. In a few weeks, I lost the weight of the stones, I have a very skin not itch and, no doubt, I have the skin and eyes that is very yellow. Diarrhea I experienced was constant, and in many cases, I could not make it to the bathroom on time. My appetite decreased, and I have little energy.

I told the doctor that I think my symptoms are cancer of the pancreas. He tried to soothe me by suggesting that I'm too young to have cancer of the pancreas and that my symptoms might be caused by hepatitis or other diseases associated with jaundice.

Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Age

I underwent a series of blood tests to study the options and potential disease very quickly is unlikely to occur. From blood tests, this is found the breach with my heart: the level of bilirubin (my results 158-normal readings are usually 20), the level of ALT-alanine-transaminase (my results normal average is usually 35) alkaline phosphate levels AFT ( the result is mine normal readings are usually 300).

After receiving these results, I switched to Dr. Khan, a consultant to the gastroenterologist, and has been seen for several days. The diagnosis first, based on CT, endoscopy, and colonoscopy is that I had a blockage in my channel between the gallbladder and the pancreas, and it requires surgery to insert a stent. With early diagnosis, I felt relieved that the cause of jaundice is found. In e. SP performed on September 7, and almost immediately the results of my blood tests indicated by the results of bilirubin (127), ALT (316) and aft (298). Unfortunately, these results began to grow again in a week and the stents demonstrated that laparoscopy failed. On 14 September, I underwent another operation to install the larger stents, Stent length 7 cm. This does not fail and perhaps to lower the levels of bilirubin, ALT, and AFT in my blood. Now I am very yellow, very itchy and not fall asleep as a result.

I continue to ask about the cause of the blockage and expresses concern that I was suffering from pancreatic cancer. However, everyone is ignoring this, but it seems to not want to give any guidance about it. I found out later after I was diagnosed that Dr. Khan as pancreatic cancer, but I like to judge a surgeon and expert opinion both hepatobiliary.

Since operations have a positive effect to get rid of jaundice and related symptoms, I decided to go back to work. However, it is difficult, because my concentration was so bad, I soon realized that I was not able to. Traveling far for work due to fatigue and the threat of continuous diarrhea. Then I started working from home so I can stay close to the bathroom while the urgency appears.

Dr. Han handed me to Mr. Metcalfe, a surgeon who live as far away as 30 miles from his home in Leicester. My initial consultations with Mr. Metcalfe is a one time during all visits to hospitals and doctor's surgical intervention I attended without my wife. When I need it, but the time, nor do I want him to hear the bad news of it.

Dr. Metcalf advised me that my blood test results have been returned and the sign cancer Ca19-9 negative. Immediately I felt relief, only to be told in the second breath that in his experience, the likelihood of a tumor growing at the intersection where the gallbladder and pancreatic head I joined. They explained to me my choice, in some kind of daze, and it was decided that I would do the surgery, Whipple. This can only be done after my level of jaundice is in the loop is secure, which means I have to wait a few weeks. For me, time is of the essence and knowing that the cancerous tumor growing inside my body, I don't want to spend a lot more time. Whipple operation is set up for on 14 October, provided his blood could be accepted.

My way home is not real, I don't want to convey the bad news to my wife on the phone and would like to collect my thoughts, compose yourself and be strong for my family. I returned to the House, and we sat down to discuss what Mr. Metcalfe said. Even though we are both devastated, we both felt the need to fight against this disease, and we will do our best to fight it. I have 4 weeks where I had to reduce my jaundice and to normalize blood levels. 4 weeks is a little vague because I can't sleep, I have continual diarrhea and constant itching, and my mind is everywhere. (See AlsoSigns And Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Mayo Clinic)

Itching makes me annoyed; It's endlessly Scrapes that continuously graced the surface of my nails, so smooth, and I was broke and bloody scratches on the whole body. I could not sleep, and for several hours the night I slept, I slept under. I even prescribe sleeping pills, but it just makes me so delirious.

I underwent weekly blood tests and reviews, and it was decided that I could not perform the operation on 14 October, and it returned in a week. But again, it will depend on the results of his blood. Finally, the results of my blood test were positive, and it was clear for me to resume operations on October 21.

Whipple operation clearly explained to me along with the risks associated with large operations. The operation will take 8 to 10 hours, and because they are not able to detect tumors in cats or ultrasound, they will open and explore. If he strikes, they will sew me back and tell me if nothing grows, again they will sew me back if they find something that they will take tissue samples, submit it to histology for consideration further and confirm that, that it is cancer, the surgeon will then try removing his cancer. I agree with everything because I understand that cutting the tumor is the only opportunity I have to beat cancer.

A week before the operation, I turn to what if I enter the required items, I had to do it. In the end, this will be a serious operation and I know about the risk of surgery.

On Saturday, October 21, 2012, my wife took me to the hospital on the morning of the day of the surgery. I kiss my children before leaving the House and really ready for operation. I am afraid, but to concentrate and decide to get rid of my body from the "objects". In my mind, I know I will beat him and that I'm not going to die on the operating table. My wife is very fantastic and supportive, with me and held my hand up to the door of the theater. I told her to make sure she gave me the match results "United vs City and not worry, as I will see later that night. The operation lasted 11 hours and I know for sure is bad for my wife, waiting for news that I have completed my operation.

I woke up in the intensive care unit, could not move his legs, wires, and tubes everywhere. I can't remember much of the first 24 hours, except that I remember kissing my wife and thought that I could not allow this cancer beat me. Of course, this is very painful for me, but the most important is I have here. The incision during the operations carried out through the entire stomach. It seems to me is divided into two parts. It was the biggest scar I have ever seen, but very neat. Quickly I make progress and begin to interfere with the nurses when moving from the PERSONAL and to the Department. I moved from ICU during the past 48 hours, still with pipes and machinery around me. I was determined to eat and survive until the nurse let go of my test tube from the nose. It was very uncomfortable. When the nurse let go, I picked it up on my phone. I save this video as a reminder of how far I come from my work.

My first meal was the bread and tomato soup, which is very difficult to eat. Needless to say that my food again very quickly, and the pain of the indescribable and vomiting is not what I want in a person. Slowly over the next few days, the food became more tolerant and I more or less lost a lot of tubes, wires and lines are taken from various parts of the body. I am happy with most filmed this footage, each of which is a milestone in my recovery. If friends or family I like it or not, I often send them short clip to share my progress. I began to feel that I have hit operations, running for 3 days and up the stairs after 4. I really want to go home.

During a visit to the hospital, Dr. Metcalf advises me that he got rid of the cancerous tumor of 40 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm, as well as most of the pancreas, duodenum and other organs. I was also told that the edges around the tumor that is clear and there are no lymph nodes I am which show signs of the presence of cancer cells. In addition to the sense of relief I felt at that time, I knew that to recover my health, since it is all for me. I want to be strong for my family, to be healthy and to make sure that cancer can not be returned.

I was fired after 8 days and I can drive after day 14. Soon after that we went to a late Halloween party. I was the star of the show along with all the children in attendance. Until now, I had the scariest look with impressive scars all over my body. Children love it!

Most of the month of November were spent for recovery after the operation and the certificate of the visitors, most of whom do not realize how physical I dried. A large number of much needed break today. In addition to fatigue, my healing from the surgery was pretty quick and entirely thanks because I don't experience post-operative complications. The only side effect I have to face is adjusting to the need to bring the tablet Creon every meal. Something important that I understand the quick my body digest food and for me to live a normal life.

In December, I decided to go to work and surprise my colleagues. Although I did go back to work, the great hospitality I received is very encouraging.

In the coming months, I am scheduled to receive 6 months of chemotherapy suggested, something that I needed to make sure there is no cancer cells were left in my body after surgery. I was called to Dr. Mukagi, oncologists based in Northampton. She's fantastic, clearly illustrates the cause and side effects, chemotherapy regimen is proposed. It was decided that I will immediately start. I was given a prescription 6 gemcitabine cycles, each consisting of 3 consecutive weeks of the drug that is injected followed by one week of recovery. I decided, before the start of treatment, I want to take my family on vacation, to get sunshine and relaxation before the onslaught. So with the confirmation from my oncologist that this is not a problem, I put off treatment until early January.

Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Age

I placed an order for us to go to Egypt for two weeks resting in the system "all inclusive", despite the fact that it is not able to obtain travel insurance. As a reflection, I wish I wasn't honest with my insurance company, told them about my condition and activity, how can they let go of my insurance policy. We went on a vacation apart.

My scars are still healing and throw in quite a topic of conversation with fellow travelers. My kids think it's funny to tell everyone who they are talking to, that I was bitten by the shark.

My chemotherapy began in January, and I decided to go back to work 3 days a week. I began to fret in the home, and my wife knows that I have to do something to keep my mind active.

One treatment cycle begins and ends with no real events, except the night sweats at random. Initially, I thought that this could be dealt with cycle 6. After the first cycle, I underwent a CT scan, which showed no bleeding nothing and I regularly clean and normal.

During the second cycle, my ankle became swollen, and night sweats I became more frequent. I feel much more tired, and I experienced episodes of ill about 6 hours after my chemo treatments. This is a side effect of chemotherapy that is not very pleasant.

When a third treatments cycle began, I decided that I could not work, because I am always tired and can't concentrate. My hair becomes thin, my veins decided to rebel against more needles and bleeding downloads and chemotherapy caused most of my veins crashing.

By the time I reach the cycle four, I was really tired, but decided to go to work and not to disappoint anyone. Come to think of it again, this is a wonderful thing, and I'd rather stay home and sleep better, because there is nothing to suggest that chemotherapy has changed you physically so bring You over the edge, trying to kill cells cancer before he kills you. Dr. Mukagi very fantastic during this period gave me a lot of support and carefully examine me, listen to my side effects.

My red blood cell count was down to a low level at one point, and he suggested the bed linen for a few days and delay cycles last for a week. So I bring my family to Paris on a long weekend, walking too much and cause a lot of swelling in my legs. My advice today is to listen to the doctors because they have better intentions and they know better.

Five cycles are very difficult for me because I am still trying to work three days a week. The level of red blood cells I was down so low, and the hospital advised me that I should get blood transfusions and lots of rest. Like me, I acted on the advice of the doctor, because I am a huge infected risk. I also feel numbness in the leg from below the knee. It turns out this is a common side effect, which takes 2 months to die down.

Six cycles was delayed a week because the number of red blood cells I don't recover at an acceptable level. This time I spent most of the rest and eat the foods that can help with my red blood, without realizing that the chemotherapy had been deleting everything on my body right down to the spinal cord, and my body does not produce the new cells as needed. After two of the three procedures last cycle and only one, the oncologists I decided that my body is not capable of doing more procedures. I was told that the additional chemotherapy can be more harmful than good. This marks the end of my treatment. My hair is thin, I look sick, I feel sick, but eventually, I completed chemotherapy.

June 2012 is the month of "the end of medicine" CT and blood tests and my post-operative consultation with Dr. Metcalfe, who clearly told me that there are no cancer cells. He advised me to do many things and not for the long term health of me, but the main and most important thing for me is to hear that I have recovered from my terrible cancer of the pancreas. Hear this very emotional, not just for me, but also for the rest of my family, which was on a terrible journey with me.

During the months of July and August, I spent my time to support a healthy appetite, mild exercising and trying to gain weight. Stubbornly, I live in 11 stone £9. Early signs of pancreatic cancer age. When my body riding chemotherapy, I feel stronger and less tired, my hair started to thicken, my mind becomes sharper, and I felt my self being the person I am dealing with prior to diagnosis. (Related: Early Signs of Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms)

My doctors recommended that I only be doing a light exercise for about six months, so my body is recovering gradually. With this in mind, I decided to go to the fitness program with my personal trainer, so I'm going to be healthy enough to take part in the install for walking in November, the first of many charity events I'd like to be involved in To say thank you for the fantastic team of surgeons, doctors, therapists, nurses, friends, colleges, family members, and my behaved wife for the support, the surgery, and the restoration I got in the fight against this disease.

Early signs of pancreatic cancer age. After receiving a locksmith and participating in funding activities in the coming years, I hope the chronology of my years of surviving pancreatic cancer is getting longer and longer. I'm 12 months from the diagnosis, so I'm already one of 18 percent of the survivors in the first year. I'm still sure I'm free of cancer, and I'm looking forward to the 5th anniversary and officially one of 3%. I'm far from Blas about the past year and cancer, but I'm just focused on fighting and being healthy, seeing my children marry and love my wife every day. Every morning I wake up and I know how lucky I am to beat this silent murderer.