Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer in A Woman

Symptoms of bowel cancer in a woman - (colon cancer) A woman diagnosed late with colon cancer because the symptoms are ignored by GPS, the researchers warned. They are much more likely to be exposed to their cancer at home, despite previous attempts, often to visit the doctor. Researchers from University College London suspect that GPS is wrong because of the symptoms of the condition of gynecologic or irritable bowel syndrome. Their study showed that one-third of women with colon cancer-34%-amounting to sent to A & E when it is often too late to treat.

This compared with 30 percent of men. Researchers also found that women are more likely to be sent away and told me that they did not have cancer in the GPS. Symptoms of bowel cancer in a woman - Of women who are diagnosed with "a" and "e", 6 percent earlier told doctors that their symptoms are benign. This compared with 2% of men.

GPS has been criticized in recent years because of the lack of early cancer symptoms and told patients that they don't have to worry. A large study conducted in April showed that 32,000 cancer patients each year using GPS at least three times without a diagnosis. And in 2014, the health watchdog Nice issued a recommendation for a family doctor, tell them the signs to look for. In this study, 5,745 men and women diagnosed with "colon cancer" between the years 2005 and 2010. Symptoms of bowel cancer in a woman - The authors noted that since that time, GPS has become better was diagnosed with cancer, especially with the help of the new guidelines. (Symptoms of bowel cancer in women you can read more at: Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer in Females)

Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer in A Woman

Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer in A Woman
Dr. Christina Renzi, a leading researcher from University College London, said that colon cancer is more difficult to find in women because the symptoms often less obvious. "This study shows that it's more difficult to choose a colon cancer in women than in men, because women's tumors are often found in the intestine, which means that the symptoms can be confusing." Irritable bowel syndrome is more common in women and shares a lot with them. the same symptoms such as cancer. '

Dr. Richard Roupe, an expert in cancer research in the United Kingdom, said: bowel cancer can be difficult because it can be diagnosed with the disease symptoms besides sharing cancer. The most common symptoms noted in females in the study before they are diagnosed. Cancer, there is a pain in the abdomen, which is usually associated with other women's health status. (Related: Signs of Bowel Cancer in Females)

This could explain why some men have been diagnosed with colon cancer earlier, due to a stomach ache does not have any alternative explanations for men as in women. Sometimes to diagnose cancer is a process of exclusion, so other conditions should be eliminated in advance which means longer waits for cancer diagnosis. Symptoms of bowel cancer in a woman - "Because the data collected in this study, a lot has changed, GPS has been given a new direction to recognize and immediately suspect cancer, and the work will continue to increase public awareness of cancer symptoms." However, there are still problems with the diagnosis of the State of emergency. the situation, and efforts to improve them should continue.