Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular cancer awareness month - Awareness month testicular cancer

The community of testicular cancer recognize April as the month of awareness of testicular cancer.

There are many different references to handle cancer awareness month found online. However, we recognize April as cancer awareness month testicular because in concert with the long recognized testicular cancer awareness week, which starts on 1 April. We feel that following in the tradition of April but expand the week to a month of awareness of testicular cancer will allow more individuals, organizations and media representatives to come together and make a difference for the awareness of testicular cancer and education.

We also believe that an emphasis on testicular cancer during a particular month is a good start but that awareness really needs to continue throughout the year. There is an easy way to raise awareness for testicular cancer that You can do throughout the year and we hope You will join us in doing some easy things to make a big difference.
Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

The color of the awareness ribbon testicular cancer

Cancer society testicular recognizes blue as the color of our awareness of testicular cancer.

There has been much debate about the color for awareness of testicular cancer and the ribbon. Orchid, purple violets, has long been recognized as the official color of testicular cancer. We believe that this originated as orchid is derived from orchis, the ancient Greek word for testicle, and this has been supported by the organization awareness of male cancer Orchid in the Uk.

Also there are references to yellow, which seems to be Lance Armstrong's cancer diagnosis and the formation of the former Lance Armstrong Foundation. However, it is now named, the Foundation LIVESTRONG, represents all cancers and cancer not just testicular.

We feel that the blue serves a new alternative to orchid color traditional for awareness of testicular cancer and may be a little more masculine than the orchid is a purplish color. After all, pink is identical with women and breast Cancer so why not use royal blue for men and testicular cancer.

However, we certainly believe that any color You choose to use is acceptable as long as You are raising awareness for testicular cancer. After all, color is only the color but awareness saves lives man.