Multiple Myeloma Treatment Medscape

Multiple myeloma treatment medscape - Multiple myeloma (MM) is a debilitating threat which is a part of a number of diseases, extending from the monoclonal gammopathy unclear (MGUS) to plasma cell leukemia. For starters, depicted in 1848, MM is represented by the extension of plasma cells harmful and ridiculous turn of monoclonal paraprotein (M protein).
Multiple Myeloma Medscape

Multiple Myeloma Medscape: Signs and side Effects

The introduction of the MM can go from side effects with no evidence, with the intricacies that require treatment that appear. The main diseases include death, pollution, and renal failure; Can occur pathology the crack and the pressure in the spinal line.


Multiple myeloma chemotherapy - MM is often found using the procedure for blood screening when the patient is evaluated by a problem that is not connected. In 33% of patients this condition is analyzed after the breakup of pathology, for the most part includes the skeleton of the hub. Test for MM may reveal maintainer:
  • The study of the embryo: the separation of the macula, which is exstatica, mucus retina or stains cotton
  • Evaluation of dermatology: pale from sickness, ecoasia or purpura from thrombocytopenia; extramedullary Plasmacytomas (the most regular in the blood vessels aerodontalgia, but additionally of the channel of the orbit, ear, ear, skin, stomach, rectal, prostate, retroperitoneal)
  • Examination of musculoskeletal system: bone Tenderness or pain, without Goodies
  • Neurological assessment: changes the level of haptic (I.e., the Loss of sensation under dermatomal compared to the pressure of the spinal rope), neuropathy, myopathy, positive Tinel signs or sign, positive Phalen
  • The study of the stomach: hepatosplenomegaly
  • Assessment of the cardiovascular system: cardiomegaly


Right now there are no medicines for the MM. Anyway, progress in the treatment of, for example, autologous stem exchange, radiation and surgical interventions in a particular case, has reduced the occurrence and severity of hostile influences of the infection and controls the associated challenges.

Chemotherapy and Immunosuppres

In the treatment of MM sintomatico a few important medical procedures. Foundation specialists treat patients with the treatment of high dimensions and will change the course of the blood or bone marrow the bone marrow.

Multiple Myeloma Treatment Medscape

The physician must understand the General history of various myeloma (MM) and obstacles to treatment of pulses in the treatment of diseases. The goal of treatment is to get a reaction of the deepest in the first round with the selection of a regiment; This will increase overall survival in the exchange of two patients, not transplant. In circumstances which are now proving useful options, it is necessary to maintain investment in clinical trials. To describe a method for the treatment of MM.

The advance of the disease and time of Treatment

Compulsory study of Dimopoulos and partners assesses the risk of movement of disease in the subject asimtomatik with MM. This study evaluates 638 subjects that are not processed one by one using the MM. Of the 95 is asymptomatic and is not treated prior to the evaluation of protein M, they expand to more than 5 g / DL. This object accumulates an infection of the bone or signs of bone disease.

The people in this gathering were either a safe (i.e., no bone infection, M protein level <3 g / DL or the level of protein Benzyl-Jones <5 g / 24 hours) or high risk (I.e., the Bone protein Level and serum level of M> 3 g / DL or the level of protein Benzyl-Jones> 5 g / 24 h). The subject of risk, has to bone loss or the level of monoclonal protein, more remarkable than 3 g / DL, or level of protein Benzyl Jones more noticeable than 5 g / 24 hours. Patients assessed as clockwork.

Average time on movement disorders was 10 months in highly specialized collection, 25 months to collect halfway and 61 months in the collection in order. In the season of movement the subjects were treated with standard chemotherapy. The frequency response very little unique in relation to the population that is not selected. The life time of the median from the base of chemotherapy did not change among meetings. Thus, the subject asimtomatik not profit from early treatment, and the treatment losing does not affect the adequacy of treatment (ie, survival).
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Consecutive audit conducted by He and others, Demonstrated a weakening of the importance of the spine and time for motion with fundamental treatment time for patients without side effects, however, this study also demonstrates the intense expansion of leukemia in the early treatment. Failure to indicate better survival may be due to the small number of examined patients.

The International myeloma workshop 2009 explained that the identification of any anomalies cytogenes shows discomfort if high risk, including chrOmosomal 13 or 13q cancel t (4; 14) and del17p and associated with the sound detection situ hybridization of t (4; 14), t 14; 16) and del17p. After the fluorescence on a place cas a component of high risk. Level II at the international level and II, and the levels of beta (2) - microglobulin in the serum represent infection with a high risk. Think, Klein etc. Drew attention to the fact that the interests of prognostika t (4; 14) may be killed or reduced in patients treated with lenalidomide and dexamethasone; In any case, del (17p13) and + 1q21 is still associated with overall survival. A study conducted by Neben et al showed that long-term organization of bortezomib in patients with del (17р13) can provide excellent life in General and no improvement.