What Kind of Cancer Does Galynn Brady Have?

What kind of cancer does galynn brady have - A day after his dramatic Super Bowl victory, Tom Brady speaks for first time about moms sick Galynn since he revealed he was diagnosed 18 months ago with cancer and gave a positive report on the recovery itself.

Though widely known last week Galynn was dealing with health issues-especially when Brady got emotional talking about her family on consecutive days leading up to Super Bowl – the actual illness she remains unknown to the public until Monday morning when the MMQB.com reported a diagnosis of cancer. Patriots owner Robert Kraft also said NESN that mother Brady has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for his illness.

What Kind of Cancer Does Galynn Brady Have

"Mother did better," said Brady on WEEI radio in Boston on Monday morning. "Our prayers are with him, she is the best mother in the world. It's great to win it for him.

"The Prognosis is good and he's not quite through it, but hopefully there's some healing energy from last night. We love her very much. "

"I am overwhelmed!" Galynn said after the win. "I just pray. All I do is pray, the whole game, just pray. "
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Brady also addressed his mother's health at a press conference Monday morning when Roger Goodell was presented with his MVP trophy Super Bowl LI,

"He's been through a lot," said Brady. "The Way harder than what I went through last night, what a team goes through.

"All the family through a period full of challenges. But he has a lot of support and a lot of love. I am pleased to be able to celebrate last night with him. "

Tom Brady Opens Up About His Mom’s Battle With Cancer

Tom Brady was open about his mother, Galynn, this battle with cancer, said Massachusetts radio station that he was "doing better."

"He's been through a lot a lot of intensive care," said Brady 93.7 FM, WEEI Monday. "But the prognosis is good. He's not quite through it yet, but hopefully, there's some healing energy of our games last night. "

NOTE: Tom Brady's Mother has been undergoing chemotherapy

"Hopefully it turned the corner," he said. "We all pray for that."

News of the disease was confirmed last week Galynn and Brady share how her chemotherapy and radiation treatments prevented his parents from attending most of his game during the NFL season 2016.

However, both the father's and Galynn Brady, Tom Brady SR., reside in Houston, Texas, to witness the 39-year-old midfielder and his New England Patriots victory captured their fifth Super Bowl trophy on Sunday.

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Brady said it was special because it was able to celebrate with her mother following the victory.

"It's nice to win it for him good for him to be there," he added. "We all love her very much."

What Kind of Cancer Does Galynn Brady Have

"He's been through a lot, my dad has been through a lot it was a very difficult year for them," he also told the station. "They've had a lot of support from their friends, and my brother, who has been out there looking after them .... [Galynn] could not return to the game all season. It was very difficult for him. But I just want her to get her rest. "

NFL champions and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, returned to Boston, Massachusetts, on Monday, where Brady paid tribute to his mother, further at a press conference.

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"He's been through a lot," said the father of three. "The Way harder than what I went through last night."

See what's being said about the victory of her husband in the video below Bundchen.