Breast Cancer Action Kingston

Breast Cancer Action Kingston

Breast cancer action Kingston - You know what the letters stand for stand up comedy? If You do not or have never heard about us, You can think about breast cancer. While it is true that perhaps the fundraising events our main the day before mother's day walk for awareness-celebrate life, the letters actually stand for breast Cancer action Kingston and the action group, we.

We are fully local charity, the Welcome is ordered initiative of volunteers and volunteer-led. We have one part-time employee, we are very organized by the Office of the Coordinator, who noted all the comings and goings in our office four days a week and sometimes it can get really really busy.

Our humble beginning started in the year 1993, when the four survivors of breast cancer meet for coffee see which groups exist on the national and provincial levels, and when they did not learn much there, the seed was born to start a local group. A Steering committee was established in March 1994 of the year and the walk was first held to increase awareness. These net budget organizations operate small from $441.

We incorporated as a nonprofit, charitable organization in May 1995 per year and now is about to start the year we officially 20. The board of Directors responsible for the operation and stand up comedy consists of a member for at least one-third of breast cancer patients. See also: Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

All the work is done in the name of stand up comedy that does volunteer are highly motivated, every bear or help with programs or services that are appropriate to their experience. Our membership now stands at 180-plus members of the survivors of breast cancer, the family, and their friends, interested members of the professional public as well as Public Health and related organizations.

We are determined to: research and advocacy aimed at prevention, early diagnosis and treatment; Public and physician education and awareness of the importance of breast examination yourself and for early detection; support for patients with breast cancer, their families and caregivers, how they cope emotionally and physically with breast cancer at all stages of the cancer journey.

No one should face only cancer, and without the much-needed support from family, friends, and community, this can be very lonely. Another part of our mission is to contribute to the financing of research projects in breast cancer local at the Kingston University Hospital and the Queen. Two years ago, we made a commitment to donate $75000 for five years in the field of patient care through the Kingston University Hospital Foundation-more on this later. Sue Davis-President of breast Cancer Action Kingston.