Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular cancer awareness month - April is the awareness month testicular cancer, and as a fighter six years from this disease, I can tell You some things about testicular cancer. The first is that contrary to what one might expect, cancer is actually the #1 form of cancer in men age 15 to 44 international destinations, but almost no one talks about the disease. Very sad and frustrating that 20 years after the establishment of an organization which is very famous in yellow by a fighter of testicular cancer is now very well known, that we still have to fight hard for all sorts of public awareness about the disease. Handle cancer in young men about such common is breast cancer in young women, but no one ever talks about testicular cancer! In the US alone, someone is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour, and someone dies from this disease every day.

With the level of drug that overall more than 90%, cancer is cancer is very curable, but it should not be considered easy or cancer "better". Handle cancer tends to grow quite quickly and aggressive form of cancer, and should hit be aggressive to get that drug. Testicular cancer awareness month - Orchiectomy alone, the removal of the testicles is affected, can be enough to cure many stages I patients, but chemotherapy protocol and main operation which is often used to treat people with the metastatic disease is quite coarse, and may leave a mark a lot of additional physical and mental on the person.

Regardless of the stage of disease at diagnosis, testicular cancer is not cancer easy to get through only because young people tend to attack. Self 33 years I have never had anything more than the flu, and still, believe that I was invincible and would live forever. This loss of innocence and suddenly felt very vulnerable in the prime of my life destroyed my confidence. Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are common, and traumatic stress at levels certainly not foreign for the better. Another thing that young men are not usually accustomed to doing is to ask for help when they need it. The scarcity of cancer young adults can tend to leave the victim feeling very isolated and lost, that's why seeking support from the cancer society of young adults is very important. Testicular cancer awareness month - Regardless of gender or type of cancer, young adults tend to face so much struggle like this after a fight with cancer. There is no need to fight alone.

There are some risk factors for testicular cancer include the testicles, a family history of the disease, and being Caucasian, but most deal with cancer diagnosis only came to bad luck. Signs and symptoms include a painful lump or change in size or any irregularity in the testicles. Pain or discomfort in the testicles or the sensitivity of pressure is clearly a sign of the potential, along with dull pain or feeling of pressure on the lower back, abdomen or groin. Signs of more advanced including weight loss, back or chest pain and cough or difficulty breathing, and enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen or neck.

Because testicular cancer is not preventable, monthly handle self-exams are recommended for all people and start from the 13 boys. There are some groups out there who say not to bother, given that testicular cancer is so curable at any stage. This is terrible advice. Don't listen to it. Just because cancer has a high cure rate overall, doesn't mean You should ignore the signs or symptoms until You have a very advanced stage of the disease. I am quite lucky that I actually felt pain in my testicles that clued me in that something is not right, and find the self-exam that thorough a dense mass. Not everyone does and bumps without the pain that can quickly turn into advanced cancer which is very dangerous just in a matter of months. Poor risk testicular cancer has a cure rate of 50/50, no better than a coin toss! Why leave Your life up to a coin toss? Believe me when I say that if You are going to develop testicular cancer, you're much better at catching it early stage is not the end, as You will avoid the trauma of significant good the mind and body if You are able to avoid some of the maintenance hardware and the operation used to treat testicular cancer metastasis. There is nothing to lose with the usual shades down below, and it could save Your life.

If You are a sufferer of testicular cancer, or this disease has affected Your life in some way, consider coming to Denver with us this October 2017, for the first of its kind testicular cancer Summit. This is grass-roots organized and the SUMMIT Welcome the lead that is sponsored by the Foundation for awareness of testicular cancer. Testicular cancer awareness month - Dr. Lawrence Einhorn, the father of the cure for testicular cancer, will also attend and give a speech. This is a great opportunity to meet not only Survived testicular cancer other but to network and learn from bright minds in this community. We hope You will join us! (Steve Pake / Director, Foundation for awareness of testicular cancer)