Coughed Up Bloody Mucus Ball

Coughed up bloody mucus ball - When we have a cold or flu appear to us a type of mucus, or phlegm that makes us aware that we are sick, along with other effects of the condition itself. Depending on how these boogers or phlegm will we know if we are more or less sick, and if we must consult with our doctor what kind of medicine we should take, certainly with a prescription, because but these boogers, and phlegm will not improve and could turn into a disease much more serious. At Bekia we will tell you what types of boogers, and phlegm exist so that you can identify them, know what show and place them under the necessary treatment as soon as possible.
Coughed Up Bloody Mucus Ball

Coughed Up Bloody Mucus Ball: What is the mucus or phlegm

The mucus is fluid that is secreted from our body by the respiratory system and that in a healthy person it produces a small amount and of a white color or transparent. However, when we get sick, this mucus gets different colors according to the condition, which is presented to us as indicators of what disease or ailment we may be dealing with.
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Therefore, when we are affected by any disease in the respiratory apparatus (either a cold or the flu that affects us the throat, the chest or the nose) we will have more mucus than normal. This mucus will be more viscous and can be expelled by our body in various ways, either spit, cough or diluted in the digestive system. Thus, these mucus will be a notice of our body to make us patents that we are suffering from any disease and that we must put ourselves in treatment to reduce the number and the color of these mucosities, and not be resulting in much worse diseases, as for example, a pneumonia.

What indicate the phlegm or mucus, according to their color

As we have said, this mucus indicate to us that our body is affected by a disease and, depending on their color, we can know what we are having and if we need to consult with a professional or a pharmacist.

Coughed up bloody mucus ball - Normally the mucus is usually of a whitish color transparent, but when we are affected, for example, by a throat infection the color of these antihistamines can keep on changing depending on how you evolve the disease. When the phlegm gets a yellowish color and is indicates to us that our throat has been affected by a slight infection, but that little by little our body is fighting and has not reached most. However, you may not be able to fight the infection and this mucus did not return to normal in less than a week.

In that case, the phlegm will be a dark yellow, which means that we will have a more serious infection that our body of time can not fight. It is advisable then to consult with a pharmacist what medicines we can take to alleviate the pain (probably of throat and chest) and to prevent this mucus get even worse.

If our body has not been not able to combat these infectious agents with the medications mild, provided in the pharmacy, the mucus will now be colored green. It is very important then that we go to our doctor, because that means that the phlegm has affected our respiratory system and have surely also fever.

Therefore, the health professional should recommend us what prescription medications we must take to recover and not end up falling in a much more serious condition of the respiratory system, such as what is pneumonia.

Finally, persons who submit a mucus or phlegm of brown color will be due to his excessive consumption of cigarettes. These produce effects very harmful to our respiratory system, so it is not surprising that our body to warn us expelling phlegm brown. In these cases, it is best to contact a doctor or pharmacist to find the best way to stop smoking permanently for the sake of your health.

Coughed Up Bloody Mucus Ball: What can we do to reduce phlegm

According to the stage of our disease or infection must follow some guidelines or other, but for the excess of mucus it is always very advisable to drink large amounts of water spaced out and followed throughout the day. If the phlegm is accompanied by coughing or a sore throat can also drink infusions of mint, ginger or lemon. When the mucus has a light yellow or dark we can consult with our pharmacist what mucolytic we would do better to take or syrup to expel the phlegm out of your body.
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In the event that the mucus to be green we must take prescription medication prescribed by our doctor to help us expel this mucus of our body, perhaps through the digestive system. In phlegm-brown caused by the harmful effects of tobacco, to measure the affected person to take time without returning to smoking the body, probably, stop to produce them and try to have some mucus, whitish, or transparent as those of a healthy person.