Brain Cancer Symptoms in Hindi

Brain cancer symptoms in Hindi - What are the symptoms of brain tumors, today we will tell you all about. Often, people are unaware of the imbalances of the physical, the vomiting, the hair color and the problems of headaches, but they should not do so. These small symptoms are symptoms of brain tumor. The brain cells grow abnormally in brain tumors.
Brain Cancer Symptoms in Hindi

The cancer is of two types. Malignant Cancer and cancers in general. The brain cells in the two types of cancers are destroyed. There is no age special to have a brain tumor, these diseases can occur at any age. But with aging, the risk of getting this disease also increases. A brain tumor was also a result of the radiation and the excessive use of a chemical product. Brain Cancer Symptoms in Hindi - This disease is also genetic, that is to say, if someone in your family has brain tumors, then you will increase the risk of getting it.

There is no specific cause of brain tumor, only the researchers have identified some of the main risk factors to identify the brain tumor to some extent. Some people do not even know how to be a brain tumor. The brain tumor is a dangerous disease and deadly, but if her symptoms are identified at the first stage and treated to do this, it can be avoided. We will tell you about symptoms of some brain tumors today, which is very important for you to know. Examine the symptoms of the brain tumor.

Brain Cancer Symptoms in Hindi

Vomiting - the state of brain tumor, the person often begins to have problems with vomiting or nausea. These issues are more to see in the morning. When a person moves from one place to another, the problem of vomiting or nausea increases.

Headaches - Headaches are also the symptoms of the most ancient of the brain tumor, but often, people wouldn't pay much attention. This pain of brain tumor occurs in the morning. As the tumor grows in the brain the problem of a headache increases also. If there is such a symptom of a headache, immediately contact a good doctor.

Physical imbalance - When a person has a tumor in the cerebellum, it begins to affect his movement. Thus, when a person has a tumor or a lump, the person may not maintain its physical balance. If this happens to you, it is very important to consult the doctor.

Speech disorder - When there is a tumor in the lobe of the tamponaire, the person begins to have trouble speaking. At the present time, regardless of the person, the front does not. If you suddenly find it difficult to talk without any reason, you should definitely meet with the doctor once.

Detrimental activities: if a person starts to develop a lump or a tumor in the posterior lobe, the person has an impact on the condolences. By which a person can not do the small tasks of the daily work in the right direction.

Low visibility - When the oxypital has a nudity, the person becomes less visible. The problems seem to be so high, seeing that they don't even recognize the things and the colors correctly. At the same time to an increase of the tumor, the problem is also increased. If you see symptoms like this, you should definitely meet with the doctor.

Behavioral changes - When there's a song in the frontal lobe, the behavior of the person changes quickly. These people become more irritable and angry also. If your behavior has started to change so abrupt, once you have talked thoroughly to the doctor.

Lack of sensitivity - When there is a nerve in the lobe of the brain, the person begins to feel the lack of sensitivity on his arms and legs. The nodes begin to destroy the brain of the brain of the person, that is why this occurs.

Fit - The main symptoms of brain tumor are frequent seizures. Each time a person gets a stroke, he becomes unconscious. So don't take the tour to the light, it can be dangerous for you.

Ear problem - When the lobe tumor Rafique of the brain accumulates in the hump, the hearing begins to reduce the hearing. As the tumor of the tumor increases, the hearing of the person completely closes.
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The symptoms of brain tumor in Hindi today, the information which we have data have done a lot of work for you. Brain Cancer Symptoms in Hindi - As we increase any disease, we can stop when we are aware of the initial symptoms of this disease. By knowing the initial symptoms of a Brain Tumour, you can treat the disease on the first step. Don't forget to post your thoughts on the publication and don't forget to share the publication with your friends. One of your actions may save someone's life.