Nipple Pain Breast Cancer

Nipple pain breast cancer - Meningitis is likely to occur in menopause! What is the cause and how to prevent it?  Menopause is a serious period that plagues the hormonal balance, plagued by many malfunctions. Among them, many women feel uncomfortable milk pain. This is something that the nipples and breasts hurt or stretch, which may last for a long time. Breast cancer also age? I do not think many people are worried, but what is the cause of this mammary pain? We will introduce measures together with countermeasures.
Nipple Pain Breast Cancer

Hormonal balance and milk pain - A woman has been associated with an unstable hormonal balance since her teens began menstruation. Actually, this hormonal balance disturbance is a big cause of mammary pain. Nipple pain breast cancer - For example, in the case of teens, menstruation is restless, in addition to which breasts are also developing. Therefore, irritation to the mammary gland and unstable hormonal balance cause mammary pain.

Nipple Pain Breast Cancer

Living circumstances and the like often change in the twenties and thirties, and it is said that the hormonal balance is disturbed and mammary pain occurs due to the stress received for it. And in menopausal 40s and 50s, ovarian function is decreased due to aging, and female hormones decrease rapidly so that mammary pain starts and lasts for a long time.
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Thus, regardless of menopause, women can suffer from teens, and many causes of it are an unstable hormonal balance. Indeed, I have experienced the feeling that my chest hurts and stretches from my teens as myself. Even now I am troubled like a month, sometimes becoming worried about my age asymmetrically, I may check my own lump. For that reason, I am constantly eating meals not to disturb the hormonal balance and taking supplements that will adjust the hormonal balance.

Progesterone and mammary gland. As mentioned above, mammary pain occurs as the hormonal balance is disturbed, but why does it become such a thing? It is easy to understand by looking at the figure, but a usually female hormone, estrogen, and progesterone are always secured in a well-balanced manner, keeping the function of women normal. However, when menopause or stress is high, the balance is disturbed, secretion of estrogen decreases, secretion of progesterone increases.

This is normal if it is before menstruation, but when there is something wrong with the body or the mind, it is hard to be done even at the time when the estrogen should be secreted, instead, progesterone is secreted much I will. This progesterone has the effect of dilating the blood vessels in the mammary gland and temporarily increasing the mammary gland tissue, which causes mastication. Such irregular living, excessive stress, when you are doing excessive diet, such as menopause etc, will make this kind of thing happen easily.

Beware of mammary gland disease. What kind of measures are you taking in case of mucocutaneous pain? A woman sometimes accustoms somewhere while feeling discomfort to the chest tension and pain. Therefore, many people leave that they will subside in time. I also basically neglected most of the time.

However, there are many mammary gland diseases accompanied by meningeal pain, chest tightness and pain are not limited to simply by progesterone. For example, the most common mammary gland disease among mammary gland diseases is breast, nipple pain, secretion from papilla with tightness. In addition, mammary gland tissue increases, and it may degenerate further and become a lump. (It is not breast cancer)

There are also possibilities such as fibroadenoma and mastitis, papilloma in ducts requiring treatment and surgery. Therefore, when symptoms such as prolonged mucocutaneous pain or pain on one side only are worrisome, we recommend that you visit a medical instead immediately. In particular, since menopausal women are also worried about breast cancer, it is safe to have an examination once, in the midst of chest pain and so on.

Nipple Pain Breast Cancer

Prevent mammary pain. So, in order to prevent actual mammary pain, I will introduce what kind of preventive measures should be taken here. First, excessive secretion of progesterone and mammary pain that is liable to be caused by long-term secretion: Try not to disturb the hormonal balance and To stop the estrogen from decreasing during menopause.

Care is needed first. To do that, we need to be careful and to incorporate various things.

Keep regular life - As sleep deprivation continues and fatigue accumulates in the body, hormonal balance is easily disturbed. Avoid sitting late at night or making a big burden on the body as much as possible, it is important to keep bedtime and time to get as constant as possible. Also, try not to forget to rest well. However, even if it is said that a regular life is impossible, impossible is prohibited. Stress will accumulate on the contrary if it goes by force, and because it may cause the hormonal balance to collapse in some cases. So, if you do not have much regular life, I recommend you to gradually improve it.
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To make a balanced diet. We do not eat vegetables so much, only meat-centered meals and junk foods continue, and if you consume a lot of fat, the mammary glands become easy to clog, and mammary pain worsens. When you enter menopause, when you feel tension or pain in your chest, review your diet, let's avoid bad foods and take healthy meals.

Nipple pain breast cancer - Also, since caffeine has a vasodilation effect, it is good to stop breathing when her milk pain is concerned, and tea time to breath herbal tea. Mildly reduce the estrogen decline. Unfortunately, we can not stop the decline of estrogen which occurs in menopause. However, you can calm down the reduction by ingesting certain ingredients. Its ingredient is a saponin contained in ginseng etc. of traditional Chinese medicine.

Take measures before the pain gets hidden. When the chest hurts, the woman is still worried about breast cancer. MaA mammograms a thing many people experience if it is a woman. However, in the menopause, which is likely to be affected by various diseases, it is necessary to prevent and take measures properly. It is important, of course, to go to the hospital, but before that, it is important to live aware of what you can do on your own. To that end, it is also a measure to revise lifestyle habits, eat a meal including soy isoflavone, etc., and use supplements that contain ingredients that support menopause as described above. After the symptoms occur, it may be slow.