Different Types Of Skin Cancer And Symptoms

Different types of skin cancer and symptoms - The growth of cancer in any part of the body can cause suffering to the utmost, both physically and mentally. In addition, to a rather painful and cause physical discomfort, moderate to severe, there is always the fear that the presence of the terminal behind cancer although no medical breakthroughs recently in the field of oncology. Part of the fear of increasing understanding is not yet clear about the causes of certain types of cancer some. You know, that cancer can be caused by a number of factors, including exposure to chemical toxins, harmful radiation, the activity of viruses (oh yes, it is a possibility and indeed, the virus is the causative agent that is proven in the target of certain types of cancer, that which Sticking out is the cancer of the cervix. Different types of skin cancer and symptoms; The virus involved is HPV), genetic predisposition, and others. Now the problem with many types of cancer is to identify the exact cause, which makes it a bit difficult to provide a comprehensive healing and, as a result of this type of cancer only to be treated to stop the growth of abnormal cells and get rid of the cancer tissue.

Anyway, back to the issue of skin cancer, in addition to the package pain, discomfort and fear mentioned above, skin cancer is often also accompanied by a sense of hopelessness and shame due to injury to a person's appearance (totally unjustified, I think; it does not Roll how you see it, you have no right to hate yourself based on your appearance is alone!). In future sections describe the different types of skin cancer so you can get to know the fact that skin cancer is not just cancer of the skin. (See Also: 8 Types of Skin Cancer Treatment)

Types Of Skin Cancer Most Common (Different types of skin cancer and symptoms) Early symptoms can be so harmless so that the word "C" cannot attack you! The surface, liver patches, and warts that change color, ulcers on the skin and surface tissues (like on the tongue, gums or inside of the cheeks), can be caused by pathogenic infections to an allergic reaction. But the difference is the sudden appearance of the skin in the area of anatomy that requires immediate attention, especially when these differences are a combination of color and change, structural change, the onset of gastric ulcers, difficulties in the healing of wounds and Bruises, etc. Different types of skin cancer and symptoms - Three variants of the most common that occupy most of each podium of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma and the details are as follows:
Different Types Of Skin Cancer And Symptoms

Different Types Of Skin Cancer

Basal Cell Carcinoma: This is a type of cancer that usually affects the skin and causes most cases of skin cancer throughout the world. Early warning signs basal cell carcinoma appears in the form of a small area up, which resembles nodules are smooth and white, on the part of the skin that is usually exposed to sunlight regularly such as shoulders, head, neck, neck and upper back, and others. The skin tissue this abnormal grows very slowly and often attack and damage the surrounding tissue. But they rarely spread to other parts of the body. Because of gastric ulcer cancer has become bigger and naughty, they often bleed and become crusty. Actually, more often than not, small blood vessels can be seen as running during the growth of these tumors on a thorough investigation. As implied, for this type of skin cancer is caused by a type of DNA damage some that occur due to sun exposure are not healthy and UV radiation. Early diagnosis and early treatment can completely reverse this condition without causing much injury or scarring in the treatment of the skin significantly. Basal cell carcinoma is the mildest form of skin cancer among the three types of common.

Malignant Melanoma: But not the same usually with basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer is the most lethal (the term malignant). Whether it means a level of seriousness, isn't it?). This is actually the sufferer of cancer on the skin cells that are responsible for pigmentation (melanocytes) and early warning signs appear as dark, usually colored black or brown, lesions dyed on the skin and can change terminal, which accounts for as much as 75% of Death associated with skin cancer. Aspects of the most dangerous melanoma are the fact that while the cancer of the tissue comes from the skin, they can easily spread to other parts of the body via blood and lymph nodes, sometimes even spread to internal organs and vital systems. Melanoma is a type of cancer that is triggered by lesions in the DNA of the cells and triggers a blow because it is usually a genetic mutation that has been inherited through generations. However, the factors that trigger this type can also be activated by exposure to UV radiation from sunlight or solarium. Different types of skin cancer and symptoms - Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and adjuvant treatment are the most common treatment for malignant melanoma. However, in many cases early can also be treated with excision procedure as standard.

Squamous: Squamous cell carcinoma occurs in somewhere between basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma in the form of seriousness and severity. Types of skin cancer are also very common and usually contaminated by exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Some of the skin that is affected take staining is reddish and the area is usually slightly elevated in relation to the surface of the surroundings. This Patch becomes scaly and slightly thicker than usual and gastric ulcers are usually formed. The disease is slowly changing to resemble a volcanic crater because of an injury with depression and seems crude while the skin circular to become harder and slightly elevated. Squamous cell carcinoma can also spread to other organs and parts of the body and usually also follow the pathway of lymph nodes and lymph nodes, similar melanoma. However, it takes more time to spread than melanoma and initially, nearby lymph nodes are attacked. If lymph nodes are affected by this (which is constantly busy in the implements and trap cancer cells in order not to propagate further), progress and proliferation of squamous cell carcinoma may be successfully arrested. Papilloma human and exposure to the sun is considered to be the most important infectious agent. Surgery, in fact, EDC (Electrodissection and cutting) and radiation therapy is the method chosen to treat and manage this condition.

Different types of skin cancer and symptoms - Regardless of the different types of skin cancers mentioned above, there is a fourth type, which is very rare but more aggressive and deadly than any skin-types mentioned above. This is known as Merkel cell Carcinomadan looked like cells and malignant tissue that grows just below the surface of the skin and under the hair follicles. It is believed to be caused by strains of the newly discovered human Polyomavirus and Caucasians are most susceptible to it. Although not directly caused by exposure to sunlight or UV rays, it can aggravate the condition by accelerating growth and Spread of malignant cells in cancer cells Merkel. In addition, a weak immune system can also make the individual prone to the development of certain cancers. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, lymph node biopsy Sentinel and Therapy node of adjuvant are common options and the choice to take care of and manage Merkel cell carcinoma.