Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer in Hindi

Symptoms of mouth cancer in Hindi (due to tobacco) - early signs of mouth cancer - Typically, most people are more likely to know about cancer such as cancer, blood cancer or cancer of the breast and lung. In addition, cancer can be found in any part of the mouth such as lips, nose, tongue, cheeks, and throat, called oral cancer. This cancer is also called cancer of the oral cavity. Oral cancer can be anyone but this is very high for men. One study showed that oral cancer spread more in the young. More than 25 percent of oral cancer found in people who consume more alcohol. Symptoms of mouth cancer. This cancer, which started from a small ulcer in the mouth, can be very dangerous. If not treated in time, then the patient may be experiencing a death. Let us know some of the leading causes of oral cancer.

Causes of oral cancer oral cancer, how it starts? We all know that cancer is a malignant disease that is dangerous and there is no treatment available. If you have other types of oral cancer that are available to You, you have to stop smoking or avoid things that can lead to this cancer. Let's discover what causes cancer of the mouth: (The diet is not healthy or unhealthy lifestyles can lead to oral cancer; People who consume more alcohol also have more chance of developing cancer of the mouth; More smokers also have the possibility of developing cancer of the mouth; The major cause of cancer of the mouth and throat is the use of tobacco and junk; If their families have been hit by an early cancer of the mouth, then the person will

Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer in Hindi

Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer in Hindi
So that oral cancer can be used to detect the stool on the stage. For the symptoms that you feel could happen as below:
  • Boils - if Your lips or mouth ulcer and not being cured for 3 weeks then it may be symptoms of oral cancer. Therefore, rather than ignore these symptoms, immediately call your doctor rather than ignore it.
  • Blisters in the mouth - it was okay if there are blisters in the mouth due to lack of drinking water, but if blisters didn't recover from treatment or treatment at home, it may be the harbinger of cancer of the mouth. So you should immediately contact your doctor.
  • Red or white spots in the mouth - the presence of red spots or white for a very long time in the mouth also has symptoms of oral cancer. So, check out these symptoms with a doctor.
  • Bleeding in the mouth - the discharge of blood from the mouth for no reason is also a cause of oral cancer.
  • Have a knee in the mouth - if there are small bumps in the mouth or on the lips and throat You then it is a sign of oral cancer. Don't ignore and immediately encountered the doctor.
  • The breath of the abdomen - Sometimes it's been okay for you to have a gastric stomach with long fuselage belly, however, if your breath smells all the time, then it's just a symptom of oral cancer.
  • Dead tongue or other parts of the mouth - all of a sudden your tongue or part of your mouth become numb and then it will heal on its own, then this could be a symptom of oral cancer.
  • Losing teeth Is a common habit to release the teeth when it is too old, but if your teeth start falling apart from a very young age, then it could be a sign of cancer of the mouth.
  • Chewing or swallowing problems - it's usual throat pain during feeding time, but if the Tonsils are difficult to chew or swallow food without that reason could be symptoms of oral cancer. And change the taste mouth suddenly bitter or acid could be symptoms of oral cancer for a long period of time.

Symptoms Of Mouth Cancer in Hindi

Symptoms of mouth cancer in Hindi - Cancer of the mouth or oral cavity cancer is a relatively uncommon cancer in the United Kingdom and cancer is more common in some parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia. With early detection, this cancer can be treated and be treated in some cases. This type of cancer is more common in heavy smokers and those who consume too much alcohol. Most oral cancer begins in the lower part of the mouth and tongue.

Prevent mouth cancer symptoms. Some alarming symptoms to look out for patients include 1-5:
  • Red (erythroplakia), white (leukoplakia) or red and white spots (erythroleukoplakia)  in the lining of the mouth, tongue, and gums. There may be areas of rough, crusty or numb fingers in the mouth as well.
  • One or more cuts or sores in the mouth that does not heal over three weeks; Swollen or hard lump in the mouth, which lasted more than three weeks;
  • Pain due to swallowing and eating. This is due to dysphagia and are usually visible if the pharynx or throat entangled;
  • Pain or bleeding in the mouth; The tooth or teeth which occurs without injury, injury or cause; Pain in neck and jaw that refuses to soften;
  • Slowness problem sounds and talk. This is evident on cancer that affects the pharynx; Weight loss and unexplained fatigue; Anemia is pale or unexplained
  • Changes in taste in the mouth, which often can be bitter or sour or generally unwell; Pain in the ear that can be unilaterally or bilaterally. The pain often comes from your mouth or throat in the ear.
  • A puffy and painful lump or pain in the neck. This is the lymph nodes that swell; Difficulty opening the mouth or chew. This is apparent with oral cancer in the mouth.

Symptoms of tongue cancer: Tongue cancer usually grows significantly before showing signs of lack of movement of the tongue. They are clearly defined and easily distributed. They are usually found along the sides of the tongue and appear as white spots called leukoplakia. These lesions are usually more than 2 cm in the presentation. Lesions may also appear in gray-greyish with a surface rough and shaggy. There may be a pain in the place or in the ear. Those who appear at the base of the language, as a rule, keep silent until they spread to surrounding structures. Tongue cancer is usually from squamous cancer types.

Tonsil cancer symptoms: Tonsil cancer is also often a kind of scaly cancer cells. Usually, it is lymphoma. They can present as a tumor in his neck. There are symptoms such as a sore throat, pain in the ear and the feeling of something stuck in the throat. There may be bleeding.

Mucosal cancer symptoms: Cancer of the lining of the lining on the inside of the cheek, or cheek mucous membrane cancer, usually originally not a pain. It is becoming painful when being ulcerative and more infected. There may be bleeding and difficulty chewing. Often there is growth. Symptoms of mouth cancer in Hindi.