What Kind of Cancer Does Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Have?

What kind of cancer does Beth from dog the bounty hunter have (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth on Cancer Battle: ‘They Gave Me 50/50 Chances’) - Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's wife, Beth Chapman, reveal about the battle of cancer in the first trailer for couples A and E special, Dog, and Beth: the fight of their lives. "When I started it, I don't see a lot of optimism," Beth, 50, showed a clip along A & E on Tuesday, 14 November. "They gave me a chance 50-50." The dog, which was 64 years old, also told of the moment he found out about his wife's illness: "[the doctors] say: ' Forgive, dog, ' and I immediately understand. '

The trailer also showed footage of Beth in the hospital receiving treatment. "I want my kids seeing their moms can be reconciled," he said. The dog has added: "cancer chose the wrong woman." As reported earlier, the reality TV star tells about the diagnosis stage II throat cancer in a letter to his friends in the month of September. "After months of chewing on a cough, regular inspections lead to a diagnosis of throat cancer at stage II," wrote Beth at the time. "I was suffering from tumors of T2 in the throat that prevents breathing. My doctor immediately doing treatment and surgery before. his illness is growing. "

Later this month, we ensure that the Bounty Hunter Hunter underwent surgery to remove a tumor from the neck of the plum. What Kind of Cancer Does Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Have? Soon, Beth covers his neck with a scarf and flowers went dinner together a dog in Los Angeles.
What Kind of Cancer Does Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Have

What Kind of Cancer Does Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Have?

Beth Chapman, costar reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter, was diagnosed with throat cancer from the second stage this fall and plans to open about his struggle for health in a two-hour special. People reported that Beth will talk about his struggle in dog health and Beth: the struggle of her life, which will be screened on November 27. The show will follow her from diagnosis through surgery in September and begin the road to recovery.

Special event Beth in hospitals, as well as spending time with family and friends. "When I started this fight, I don't see a lot of optimism," said Beth in the preview clip, released by & e. "they gave me the opportunity of 50 to 50." In late September, he underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tumor the size of a plum's neck.

Her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, also weighed on the top of his battle with the diagnosis of his wife. "[The doctor] said:" sorry, the Dog "-and soon I realized - she says dogs are also shown in the video, ask Beth." What will happen if you leave us forever "?

After his diagnosis, Beth, reportedly wrote a letter to his friend, pledged to fight every step of the way, and it was clear that he was still determined to beat cancer. "I want my kids to be able to see that their mother put up a fight," said Beth in particular. -Cancer chose the wrong woman-add a dog.

What Kind of Cancer Does Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter Have? "We're grateful to Beth, and the family Dog Chapman because of their courage to share my personal journey with the audience during a very difficult time in their lives," Elaine Frontain Bryant, head of programming for & E, says in press release. "We hope that this feature can provide inspiration to the audience." Recently, Beth took a few steps back into the spotlight, performing with dogs at a party for the series Hawaii Five-0. It was one of his first public appearance after surgery on cancer.