How Fast Does Skin Cancer Grow

How fast does skin cancer grow and spread - I'm new to the forum and may have the same questions and fears as most, but I prefer to ask than not. This is my situation. It's 39. My wife found out what was the mole wide close to my ear hair at the end eight days ago. I was immediately surprised because I had never seen it before and thanks to its location, we can't see why I missed it, especially after my last haircut now 1 month, which would expose it entirely. So we were worried.

I went right away to see my family doctor who made a reference to a dermatologist. Yesterday I already booked for Teleconsultancy, where I saw a nurse who took a picture and now sends pictures to a dermatologist to get an initial evaluation. How fast does skin cancer grow and spread - They said the answer would come within 4 weeks and most of the time in a week, depending on how many patients have to cope.

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I was shooting macro 7 days ago and yesterday and the problem seem to have evolved a little, not enough diameter, but thicker. Now grow. Here's the picture: Given this rapid change, a fact that I have never seen before in a place that should have been seen and probably waiting a few weeks to get an answer, I care more. How fast does skin cancer grow and spread - I also traveled next week for business and I was wondering if I should opt out to go for a quick visit. How quickly these things occur and how fast someone should act. We're talking about the day, week, month, year?

From the above questions, he wrote a reply from a friend like this. I was in stage 4 and I had to have about 20 moles removed for years. 2 malignant melanoma was found. Many exceptions for the low rate of blows that you might think-but one of them took me to stage 4! Two things I have learned over the years is very difficult for you and Dermatome to choose true harmless criminals even after all the published criteria and secondly, not all virgins have enough experience with melanoma to be Sure no dangerous levels any accuracy. How fast does skin cancer grow and spread - Personally, I and Dermatome adopt a conservative approach and eliminate everything we do not like and have been altered since the last quarterly early excision under local aneaetitik is not painful enough. A small scar that can save a scar much larger than lobectomy, radical surgery, etc. later. Photos can be misleading and enlarging images to 3 may be greater than the first two, but if I were you, I'd find a good dermat and remove the biopsy melanoma.