Stage 4 Breast Cancer Prognosis

Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis (breast cancer stage 4 life expectancy, how long to live, expectancy no treatment, survival rate by age, symptoms, 5 metastatic in bones) - There are four stages of breast cancer, from stage one to phase four. In the first stage, cancer is the most serious, and the likelihood of healing is still high. However, in the fourth stage, the malignancy has spread to other parts of the body (such as lungs, skin, bones, liver, brain or distant lymph nodes) and is difficult to cure. Therefore, this stage is also referred to as late or metastatic. Cancer may be at an advanced stage when it is first discovered, but it may also be that previous breast cancer has affected other parts of the body. Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - This is a very serious situation that requires focused treatment. The fourth stage of breast cancer prognosis includes predicting outcomes and survival possibilities based on other patients ' experiences. The following are the prognostic factors for stage fourth breast cancer:

(1) The first factor is the survival tendency. In fact, the five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic breast cancer was only 20%. Therefore, the goal of treatment is the long-term survival of the patient, because the current stage of cancer is incurable. (2) Hormonal factors also play an important role. Estrogen and progesterone, which can be found in contraceptives or hormone replacement therapies, can actually cause cancer cells to grow. Hormone receptor status tests will show whether the hormone causes cancer growth. If the positive estrogen receptor (ER +) or progesterone positive (PR +) receptor, cancer response to hormone inhibition therapy response is good. In addition, the three-year survival rate of ER +/PR + patients reached 97%, while the survival rate of ER/PR patients was only 83%. (See Also: Stage 4 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy)

(3) Histology is another important factor in determining the extent of the disease's invasiveness by identifying the type of cancer cells found in the tumor. Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - For example, a breast cancer called tubular adenocarcinoma is considered the most feasible. On the other hand, inflammatory breast cancer is very aggressive, the 4th phase of the 5-year survival rate is only about 11%. (4) Other factors that affect the prognosis and survival of breast cancer in 4 stages are the areas of cancer proliferation, tumor size, age and ethnicity, genetic history, chemotherapy, biology, clinical treatment, and other therapeutic responses. Trial, treatment, radiotherapy, and surgery.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Prognosis

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Prognosis
Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - The 4th stage of breast cancer prognosis and clinical trial changes! He thought he was in the best shape of his life and then went through a devastating cancer diagnosis. But Samantha Seinfeld didn't keep her awake. He took action, even some chance. As Samantha sat under the chemo, we learned that this is not the standard chemotherapy that must be treated for cancer patients. Samantha didn't like the word "no cancer," but now she has five years of evidence of no disease. "At first, I thought I didn't reach 32, so I thought I wouldn't reach 35, now I see," Seinfeld said. Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - It all started seven years ago when she was 30 years old with a broken chest and pain. Her doctor told her that it was nothing, she was too young to worry about cancer. Not wanting to accept the answer, Samantha got a second opinion and was diagnosed with the fourth stage in a few months.

After his anger, he entered the research model. His search for clinical trials was positive and found in the National Institutes of Health what he considered to be perfect. Samantha explains: "Using the so-called Panvac, the usual vaccination experiment, rather than treating cancer, it treats the immune system so that it can relieve it so it can help fight cancer." Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - She met Dr. NIH's MAHSA Mohebtash and followed him to the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.

Stage 4 breast cancer prognosis - "He has worked very well in surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, vaccines, research, drugs, etc," Mohebtash said. "He has been involved in two clinical trials, and standard treatment has benefited from it," he said. ” Samantha says it's a good chance to deviate from the protocol and is not for everyone. Dr. Mohebtash told ABC2, "There is always hope, always there, that if something is not right for others, it can work for you, and one of the possibilities that we treat breast cancer is now good because patients are admitted in clinical trials 20 years ago, and Samantha is an example."