Advanced Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy

Advanced stomach cancer life expectancy - The total survival rate for gastric cancer patients in United States is about 31%. The relative survival rate for five years compares the survival rate of gastric cancer to those who are expected to be survivors without gastric cancer. This is a better way to see how cancer affects survival because some people may die from other causes. This survival rate has been increasing gradually over the last 30 years. One of the reasons for the low overall viability of the United States is that most cases of gastric cancer have been diagnosed in the early stages rather than in the beginning.

The stage of cancer has a significant impact on the patient's prognosis (prospect of survival). The survival rate of gastric cancer is the percentage of patients who can survive more than five years from being diagnosed with cancer. Most of the reports on survival are based on the stage of cancer, and the same is true for stomach cancer. Sometimes your doctor will tell you the percentage of survival based on your own extensive research, and you may be confused with the viability of this type of cancer rather than the survival rate of the patient itself.

Advanced Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy

Advanced Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy

As a patient, you should know that your doctor will never be able to predict your life expectancy after confirming your diagnosis. Advanced stomach cancer life expectancy - Therefore, your request The survival rate can be a bit odd and accurate. However, they can give their honest opinion. If you ask for a percentage of survival with this type of cancer, your doctor will give you an answer based on the statistical reports. Usually, they prefer to respond depending on the stage of cancer that you are currently entering.

Basically, there are 4 stages of stomach cancer. But for stage 1-2 has two phases within each phase and stage 3 has 3 phases, in fact it looks like the overall development of cancer have 8 phases in total, with each phase having stomach cancer different survival rate. (See Also: Symptoms of Stomach Cancer in Females)

Cancer generally have the highest survival rate at the initial stage and then will decrease dramatically when the cancer evolves towards a more severe stage. In the case of stomach cancer, the initial stage is stage 1a. A report issued by the REES Database National Cancer Institute shows the cancer of the stomach survival rate, according to the appropriate stages and phases.

Advanced stomach cancer life expectancy - The percentage of survival for all types of cancer was measured over a period of 10 years or 5 years, but several researchers used the last one. The statistical reports presented below originate from studies conducted by the US National Cancer Institute between 1991-2001 and 2020. The people studied were those with stomach cancer who received treatment, including surgery.

In a 5-year period, cancer survival rate of the stomach within 5 years after being diagnosed with gastric cancer are the following: 71% of patients suffering from stage 1a have survived, 57% of patients suffering from stage 1b have survived , 45% of patients with stage 2a survived, 33% of patients suffering from stage 2b survived, 20% of patients with stage 3a survived, 14% of patients with stage 3b survived, 9% of patients suffering from stage 3c have 4% of patients suffering from stage 4 survived.