How Bad is Stage 3 Cancer in The Lymph Nodes

How Bad is Stage 3 Cancer in The Lymph Nodes
How bad is stage 3 cancer in the lymph nodes - Cancer stages don't change over time? If cancer returns or extends to other parts of the body, it has the same stage as the first diagnosis. The latest information on the size and spread of cancer are added to the scene. Sometimes the doctor can rest his cancer to determine how well the treatment is working or to get more information about cancer that has returned after treatment. This process uses the same waiting system as described above. Usually, some of the same tests performed when the cancer was diagnosed for the first time will be repeated. After this, the doctor can establish a new stage of cancer. The doctor then adds the letter "r " before the new stage to show that it is different from the first diagnosis. However, this is not common.

Stage III is called cancer at the local level. At this stage, the tumor in the large chest (more than 2 inches) and cancer spread to the lymph nodes of the axial; Or cancer extended in the underarms lymph nodes; Or cancer has spread to the lymph nodes near the breast or to other tissues near the breast.

Patients with stage III breast cancer usually have localized treatment to eliminate or destroy breast cancer and systemic treatment to stop the spread of the disease. How bad is stage 3 cancer in the lymph nodes - Local treatment can be a surgical intervention and/or radiotherapy in the breast and armpit? Systemic treatments may include chemotherapy, hormone therapy or both. Systemic therapy can be administered prior to local therapy to decrease the tumor or later to prevent recurring disease in the breast or elsewhere.

Grade 3 is not desirable if it no longer recommends that it is completely incurable. My mother was clinically determined at the age of 40 with a breast cancer of up to 3 degrees 3. He has a large tumor if it is no longer metastatic and the lymph nodes are clean. How bad is stage 3 cancer in the lymph nodes - It has a mastectomy, removal of lymph nodes and Chem. It's been in the past 14 years. She had a maximum breast cancer two years earlier (stage II and III), whether it is a clean substance for breast cancer and not a single relapse-the primary residence of cancer was completely different, so the scientific document explains That's not a recurrence. Lymph nodes have been cleaned about 2 times correctly and have a cue mastectomy and chemotherapy. He is a maximum subchronic non-coronary.

How bad is stage 3 cancer in the lymph nodes? But very clearly, although very bad if cancer has moved or progressed to stage 3 but there is still hope to heal. Clearly said by doctors and patients who have a high life expectancy of this stage 3. Various statistics also mention that 20% of 100% who have stage 3 cancer is able to survive and live to this day. For the best friends Cancer OZ, never give up. Keep trying to heal each other and keep the spirit of living a better life. Maybe useful.