Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Prognosis

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Prognosis

Stage 2 breast cancer treatment prognosis - Stage 2 means that breast cancer develops, but is still contained in the breast or growth extends only to nearby lymph nodes. This stage is divided into several groups: Stage 2a and Stage 2b. The difference is determined by the size of the tumor and if breast cancer has spread into the lymph nodes. Although Stage 2 breast cancer may require more aggressive treatment measures than the recommendations for Stage 1, breast cancer stage II usually responds well to treatment.

In cases where cancer has spread to lymph nodes, the standard treatment is a surgical intervention for tumor elimination, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. The task of radiation is to destroy all remaining cells in the area, and chemotherapy will destroy cancer cells that have spread to other areas of the body. Many cases are also treated before surgery to reduce tumors, making the operation easier. If you are diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, your chances of recovery are excellent. In particular, phase IIA has a survival rate of 5 years, 88% and 76% for phase IIB. See Also: breast cancer treatment options.

Currently, many patients with breast cancer who can actually recover. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment prognosis - Thus, patients with breast cancer have the opportunity to treat good doctors, modern treatments that save significant costs and the manipulation of health professionals with a special interest in female cancer and lung cancer. To support the best care, you should find a good treatment and get a hospital capable of doing so.

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Prognosis

Healthy women do not want to think about breast cancer. This is largely due to the fact that cancer is a disease that cannot be cured in the past, and its discovery means the actual death immediately. However, things have changed today. As we will present below, the new and more effective treatments for breast cancer have been developed in scientific studies. Nowadays, in many cases, breast cancer can be treated, the necessary condition of healing is purely early detection of the disease.

Below you will find detailed recommendations on how to do and when to do to prevent the growth of breast cancer or to detect disease at the early developmental stages when the treatment is completely nearly guaranteed. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment prognosis - We absolutely believe that the information spread is scary about breast cancer, in particular, about the annual death of women affected by this disease and its horrible extent, can only be harmful. Fear doesn't always make us act. Sometimes it makes people give up and resign a problem that can actually be fixed. That's why, in this tutorial, we mainly don't focus on scary statistics, but about what you can do to maintain his health.

We believe that you know without us how serious the problem is. As you will see later, the precautions described below may be a part of the natural interest for your health and family, a simple yet effective way to avoid serious future problems and a happy life.
  • Early Breast Cancer. This is the first stage of cancer, also known as cancer  "instead " (which can be cancerous in the milk glands or cancer cells of the mammary glands). At this stage, cancer cells develop only in certain areas and do not spread. It doesn't invade the surrounding tissue. Once eliminated, these cells will not spread.
  • Stage 1 breast cancer. The tumor has spread to the adjacent parts of the breast, but it spreads to the underarm nodes. Tumors are 2 inches or less. If the tumor is detected early, surgery can be performed to remove the breast. After breast removal, breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after surgery.
  • Stage 2 breast cancer. At this stage, the tumor has a size of 2-5 cm. The tumor can spread to the lymph nodes or to nearby endocrine glands or both.
  • Stage 3 breast cancer. Tumors larger than 5 cm, or have spread into the tissue surrounding the breast, such as skin, muscle or collarbone.
  • The final stage of breast cancer. Tumors have spread beyond the breast and can cause complications, affecting metastases in other parts of the body, such as the neck, lungs, liver, bone or brain. At this stage, the patient is in danger of a five-year illness.

Can breast cancer recover after treatment? Unfortunately, the development of breast cancer relapse after treatment is possible. The new tumor can grow from the remaining cells after surgery and after finishing the treatment (tumor relapse) or in a natural way from normal tissues (a new tumor).

Stage 2 breast cancer treatment prognosis - The ability to have repeated cancer depends on a variety of factors, that I have mentioned above: the type of tumor tissue, size, rate, type of treatment, etc. For this reason, we are unable to provide specific numbers that can help you evaluate The risk of relapse or the appearance of new tumors in your case. In the case of repeated formation, cancer is treated as treatment and the first tumor: surgical removal + chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Fortunately, nowadays, there have been drugs that can significantly reduce the risk of recurrent tumors. These medications are described in the following paragraphs.

In order to detect the likely development of a new epidemic of cancer in the right time, after completing the treatment, you must plan the repeated investigation of the doctor. Your doctor will tell you how often you need to go back to check back and you should follow this kind of investigation. However, the doctor will tell you if you need to carry out the screening of mammography, I've talked about at the beginning of this article, and if so, the level is regular.

Life expectancy: the prevalence of breast cancer depends on the stage of the disease and many other factors. Each stage of the disease will have the following prognosis indicator:
  • Early Breast Cancer: This stage, the ability to cure diseases up to 90%. If the disease is detected early, correct treatment, patients not only because of cancer, but also the risk of distant metastases.
  • Breast cancer progression stage: Stage II and III. This stage, the disease has developed and begins to spread, now the disease has shown signs of deterioration. The ability to cure diseases is only 65%.
  • Metastatic breast cancer: Metastatic breast cancer stage is a dangerous stage, cancer cells have spread to most of the body, the ability to cure the disease is now 20%.

Breast cancer, if found as soon as possible, the greater the chance of survival. Cancer specialists dealing with many of these cases at a hospital suggest that all sisters should pay attention to screening to avoid unfavorable consequences. With step-by-step treatment for breast cancer, women need to know, we hope you know how to find and treat this dangerous breast cancer. Although there is a cure for this disease, you should always remember disease prevention rather than healing. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment prognosis - We, CancerOZ we wish you good health to care for family and love for children.