What Happens When Prostate Cancer Spreads To The Bones?

What Happens When Prostate Cancer Spreads To The Bones

What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones - Prostate cancer bone metastasis was considered to be a high incidence of prostate cancer in Europe and in the United States, but the statistics confirm that as a result of environmental changes, changes in the structure of food and the aging of the population, and the factors the Next, almost 20 years, and mortality of cancer of the prostate increased significantly. Due to the fact that the initial manifestation of prostate cancer is not clear, and the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, many patients are already in an advanced stage of cancer at the time of presentation, and many of them were to metastasize.

What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones - According to the survey, approximately 80% of cases of prostate cancer will have metastasis of metastatic bone lesions of the bones, can be found on the humerus, vertebral body, ribs, skull, and long bones, mostly on the side of the rich bone axis blood. The most common clinical manifestation and first bone metastasis in prostate cancer is bone pain. Persistent dull pain often affects a patient's taste and rhythms of everyday life, so that patients have thinner and more pain. Secondly, because the bones are eaten gradually tumor cells, bones, which are converted are prone to pathological fractures.

What Happens When Prostate Cancer Spreads To The Bones

What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones? Currently, the incidence of cancer of the prostate gradually increases, as the second main cause of countless deaths from cancer in men, second only to lung cancer. It is necessary to understand the symptoms of prostate cancer bone metastases.

Bone metastases can be found on the humerus, vertebral bodies, ribs, skull, and long bones. Mostly on the rich blood of the axis of the bone. Of early bone metastases, prostate cancer often has no clinical symptoms. The most common is the oldest of the prostate. The clinical manifestations of metastatic carcinoma of the bone are bone pain. What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones - So, bone pain occurred, most of the prostate cancer has progressed to an advanced stage, and lost opportunities best of care. In this section, for those of you, who never asked, what the stadium of prostate cancer that has spread to the bones? It is already answered in this paragraph.

Despite the widespread popularity of the health education, enhance the awareness of the public, prevention and sustainable improvement of medical diagnostic methods, 10% to 20% of patients with prostate cancer have a metastatic bone in the diagnosis of Early. Not only brought immense pain to the body of the patient but also brought great pain to the psychology of the patient, therefore, when clinical symptoms appear, the patient must go to the hospital just in time for a detailed examination. A detailed exam. To understand the cause, location, spacious, development, etc. Diseases, to facilitate accurate clinical diagnosis and effective treatment to prevent further progression of the disease.

And what are the clinical manifestations of bone metastases in prostate cancer? Venous plexus blood vessels of the prostate and the Vertebral artery (Batson plexus) various operation, the system has a low pressure, high volume, and the veins interlocked with the operation and other characteristics, so prostate cancer bone metastases are encountered in the spine, pelvis, ribs and other parts, with the main axis of the bone metastasis, and often indicates metastases.

Prostate Cancer Spread To Bones Treatment

Cancer is a condition of imbalance between the inside of the body and internal organs. For the treatment and prevention of cancer, it is necessary to change the status of cancer and the changing environment of cancer cells that lead to cancer. What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones - This is the famous theory of cancer state. Root air conditioning can repair any abnormalities in the body, eliminates the factor of tumor recurrence, and reduce the likelihood of metastasis. Second, traditional Chinese medicine against damage to healthy cells is relatively small, and generally does not cause new damage to the physical strength due to the treatments themselves, and cancer improved. At the same time will be the physical strength to gradually recover and gradually increase the immunity. See also: Metastatic Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy.

Treatment of bone metastases from prostate cancer is divided into two cases, one is the patient, who first discovered the tumor has metastasized, these patients may respond better to endocrine therapy, the second is the tumor was treated after a certain period of time and was not treated for endocrine therapy. Sensitive, evolved into hormone-independent prostate cancer or hormone-refractory, with bone metastases. Treatment of bone metastases from prostate cancer the second is in the first place to relieve pain, prevent and reduce the incidence of bone-related events, improve the quality of life, and increase survival rates.

What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones - Surgical treatment is the best treatment for timely treatment. This is when the cancer is confined in the prostate, sexual resection can achieve the goal of treatment for life and does not affect the patient's quality of life. For prostate cancer, which penetrates into the capsule of the prostate and local invasion, may be considered for neoadjuvant therapy and in combination with endocrine treatment. With increased levels of surgery and anatomy, neural, and vascular surgery preservation can restore the function of the functional majority of patients after surgery. Hopefully, that article, what happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones, you may add your insight, thanks.