Mutato Cancer

Mutato Cancer

Mutato Cancer - As we all know, cancer is a great scourge. The Irish Cancer Society website tells us that one person dies of cancer every hour in Ireland and cancer is responsible for nearly a third of all annual deaths in Ireland.

Internationally, cancer is the number two cause of death, number two after cardiovascular disease. Intensive research efforts have been conducted around the world since the decade of 1970 to find drugs for various forms of cancer. Progress is very slow, but now Israeli researchers have announced a cure for all types of cancer and estimate that this cure will enter clinical trials within a year. Mutato Cancer - This statement was well received with ample skepticism internationally.

This new research is the work of a company called Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEB), based in Ness Ziona, Israel. The Jerusalem Post article reports information provided by the President of AEB, Dan Aridor, and the Executive Director, Ilan Morad. They call cancer treatment as a multi-Target Toxin (MuTaTo), describing it as the highest level of cancer disease technology in the range of cancer antibiotics. The promise of Aridor,  "The Cure of cancer will be effective from day one, lasts several weeks and will not have minimal side effects ".

AEB performed a successful experiment in mice, completing several in vitro experiments and said that they almost started clinical trials that would be completed in a few years when treatment would be widely available. AEB states that they have not published their results so far in scientific journals because they produce final patents on their intellectual property.

International experts mostly react negatively to Israel's allegations, suggesting that limited tests have been carried out so far in mice, which is very difficult to translate success into mice in successful human care, which No results were published in the scientific literature. And that, even if everything goes well, more years will be needed than the Israeli scientists anticipated before this new cure through clinical trials and are available to the general public.

In the general context, the researchers matched their new antibiotic therapy that will target cancer cells. They also compared the concept behind the new therapy with Multi-Target Toxin, which proved to be a water splitter in the fight against HIV.

The proposed new therapy will also include poisons that, because they are on the target, kill cancer cells, but save healthy cells. This will reduce or even eliminate the often debilitating side effects of existing cancer treatments. Researchers say they will start clinical trials soon, hoping to make their medications available against cancer in a few years.

The announcement of MuTaTo by the Chairman of the board of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnology, the company that develops care, has been received with a great deal of skepticism in the medical community in the United States and around the world. While agreeing that it would be a tremendous breakthrough in cancer treatment if the promised drug regime was successful, physicians and researchers expressed concern that the announcement could give false hopes to cancer patients.

According to the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, who published his thoughts on the ACS website, it is important to remember that the research continues in its early stages. Mutato Cancer - This newly proposed drug mechanism reflects the new and exciting treatment path that many scientists are currently exploring. However, MuTaTo is still at the beginning of a long process and requires the transfer of new potential therapies from the lab bench to the patient's bed.