Carol Silva Cancer

Carol Silva Cancer

Carol Silva Cancer - Carol Silva, News 12 anchor veteran and decisive presence on the channel for more than 30 years, said in a social media post on Friday that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

In a video on Facebook and Instagram, which in June announced plans to leave the post in December as host of the long-term morning program, saying "Now is the time to update my story ". Later he said that "Two weeks ago " had been diagnosed with cancer and had begun treatment.

In a phone interview on Friday night, said: "I suffer from a persistent cough since 2000, diagnosed as reflux, and still with sore throats, which is a risk to my work as a TV anchor". Carol Silva Cancer - But he said that the cough has become "relentless " in the last few months.

The Doctor "did the last X-ray and his face turned and he said there was a tumor in his lungs." Additional tests have determined that he had non-small cell lung cancer and spread to the brain.

Silva said he was not a smoker, but he tried for a while in college. His doctor told him that 50% of people suffering from cancer like hers are non-smokers and that women are more prone to suffering than men. See also: Stage 4 lung cancer survivors.

Carol Silva Cancer - Recently, he has undergone a thoracoscopic surgery with video aid for a tumor biopsy in the lung, he said, and is in systemic treatment for the lungs and radiation to the brain at the cancer Center of the Monter Northwell Health Center in New Hyde Park and the Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

He received good news that the tumor in his brain had disappeared, although "We are not sure until I do an MRI in a few weeks ". Silva's been on the air for three weeks, but he says he expects to return to the broadcast soon.

Silva expressed his admiration for others who fought against cancer and urged anyone who felt there was something wrong in his body to seek a physician and trust his instincts.

"If you think of me, send me some positive thoughts, some positive energy, some prayers-because I see a long list of people who do this and it seems to make the world different for me ," he said. "Thank you, think of me and I'll be back. "Silva had said earlier this year that he was moving away from the anchoring table.