Colon cancer symptoms in women

Colon cancer symptoms in women - cancer is a very dreaded disease, not a few people who die by cancer. Cancer has many types and levels that cannot be tolerated. How to cope and the treatment varies especially the cancer has entered into stage 4, it will be very difficult to heal. On this article we will review Colon cancer symptoms in women. Colon cancer is more often suffered by women, it is no wonder we should know the symptoms of colon cancer so that we can be vigilant and able to treat this cancer immediately.

Colon cancer is actually not only can be suffered by women but can also be infected in men. But the percentage may be higher in women. So what are the symptoms that will occur when it appears in women who are infected with colon cancer? Check this review to finish to find out the symptoms of colon cancer in women.

Colon cancer is commonly referred to as colorectal cancer. The disease is more commonly attacked adults with advanced age but does not close the possibility of colon cancer is also exposed to children.

In the early stages of colon cancer is usually a benign lump of cancer cells that grow in the colon. Ordinary blob is called with polyps. As time progressed polyps then enlarged and became cancerous cells that attacked the intestines. Most people who are attacked by colon cancer do not realize that he is being infected with cancer cells, so the slow handling makes the cancer cells become more malignant in our own intestine.

Colon cancer symptoms in women

Usually most of intestinal cancers are similar to other diseases in the intestines but not cancer, such as inflammation of the intestines, hemorrhoids, to intestinal infections. This condition that makes cancer sufferers difficult to realize that he is in the alighted of colon cancer, but all the symptoms of cancer this colon is not a factor you are developing bowel cancer. See some of the symptoms that can occur when someone is suffering from colon cancer.

1. The CHAPTER habits change
Constipation, diarrhea or change in the color and density of stool can be one of the early symptoms of colon cancer in women, but even so this is not the cause of colon cancer, because it can also be wrong to eat or caused by infected bacteria. If this condition occurs long enough and you already consume the drug, then immediately check with the nearest doctor for more precise treatment.

2. Bloody CHAPTER
When your CHAPTER secretes blood. A bloody CHAPTER can also be one of the symptoms of colon cancer in women, or you also see bright red spots. Your fasces look black and dark which indicates the blood is dry. If this happens to you, check with your doctor immediately.

3. Stomach cramps
Ordinary women will experience abdominal cramps during menstruation. But by the time you don't have a menstrual cycle, your stomach is cramp and sustained. Then do not let this happen and lasts a long time. Then you should check this condition with your doctor.

4. Sudden Weight Loss
Weight loss is rapidly without you doing a diet program or are willing to lose weight bandan. Weight loss of up to 5 kilograms in a short time can also be one of the symptoms you have suffered colon cancer. Why your weight can go down quickly as your body condition is struggling against cancer cells that begin to grow and develop on your colon.

5. The body feels weak
This symptom is one of the symptoms that affect weight loss when fighting cancer cells that begin to live and grow in the body and 

Cancer cells can deplete the energy storage of one's body and lose blood within the colon. As a result, the fatigue you feel is never lost.

The symptoms of bowel cancer in women are actually almost identical to the symptoms of intestinal cancer that occurs in anyone. In fact, some other diseases also have similar symptoms so that women often ignore them

If you feel the above symptoms continuously and have not changed even worsening. Should you immediately do your health check, check with a doctor Who can help you to cure, because colon cancer in women is not a thing that we can be underestimated. Hopefully this article is helpful and do not forget to share the health sciences for other colleagues. Colon cancer symptoms in women