Lung cancer - symptoms and early signs in men

Lung cancer -  cancers are a community of harmful types of cancer. Lung cancer is known as deadly cancer. Lung cancer is a lot of pain in the community. But in this case the sufferers of lung cancer are slow to know. Why can this be? Because most of the public knows less and less know about the early signs and symptoms when he was attacked by lung cancer.

Those of you who are in this article are part of a person who cares about the health especially about lung cancer with early signs and symptoms in men.

Lung cancer does not select in attacking sufferers, whether young or old cancer this can just be an enemy of the body. Women and men can be affected by lung cancer but are more dominant in men to be affected by lung cancer. Why can men be more easily attacked by lung cancer? Since more than 50% of men are active smokers.

You want to know more about the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer, see this article to completion to find out what symptoms when lung cancer starts attacking our bodies:

Lung cancer - symptoms and early signs in men

Early signs and symptoms of lung cancer:

  • Persistent cough or blood-colored saliva

This symptom is an early symptom of lung cancer where when coughing more than coughs is usually much less until the saliva is seen in red indicates a simple infection such as bronchitis or sinusitis. 
This blood cough and saliva can be up to one month in pain by people with early lung cancer. Then go to the doctor immediately if you have an abnormal cough for more serious treatment.
  •  Abnormal CHAPTERS

Some of these lung cancer sufferers will feel the change in the schedule of the discard CHAPTER, when you are not in the state of diarrhea or being diarrhea.
  •  Blood on the Stool

When the feces CHAPTER secretes blood or is mixed with blood, it is also an early sign and symptom of lung cancer. But this does not necessarily lead to lung cancer, where these symptoms can be caused by hemorrhoids. It is good to do a doctor's check to ask for X-rays or other medical actions to find out what is happening to your body especially on the intestinal and stomach parts of the problem.
  • Anemia or blood deficiency

A person who is affected by lung cancer has reduced blood cells, limited body and cannot be explained exactly why red blood cells can decrease or fewer than usual. Then you should come to the nearest doctor for further action.
  • Lump in the testes

The average man suffering from lung cancer suffers from swelling and bumps on his testicular part so that it gives a sense of discomfort. This is due to infection and swelling of the blood vessels. This can be a serious treatment of the doctor, so it can be fatal as necessary testicular amputation action.

You are asking why lung cancer is easier to attack men than women? There are several factors below that will give an idea of why men are easily attacked by lung cancer.

Risk factors for lung cancer:

  1. Active Smoker
  2. Exposure to radon gases
  3. Asbestos Gas Exposure
  4. Air pollution
  5. Genetic factors

Lung cancer is certainly a very feared thing, not only lung cancer but to prevent all diseases that can enter our body, then we are encouraged to always maintain our health in ways to pay attention to food, health, shelter and the environment. Because the source of disease is our carelessness in our own lives.

These are some of the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer in men. If you feel any of the above symptoms, then immediately act faster such as check the doctor's cake related symptoms feel. Still cook health articles that you can get here. This article will be much more useful when you can share to other associates the importance of the article about lung cancer-symptoms and early signs in men