Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi - Describes the treatment of breast cancer, stage 1, what is symptoms, early and all its influence in the country of India. When there is a mutation in the genes that control the growth of cells, then they are cancerous. Due to mutations, the cells are divided into uncontrolled and chaotic, and their multiplication occurs. Cells are multiplied by which abnormal cells develop instead of healthy cells. This results in the tumor, in most cases, as a result. Breast cancer develops in breast cells. Generally, cancer is made in breast lobules or ducts. These are the glands in which milk is made and which gives the milk a way to reach the nipples from the glands. Cancer can also be made in fatty and fibrous breast tissues. It is also called stromal tissue. Uncontrolled cancer cells start attacking healthy breast tissues and can also reach the lymph nodes of the arm. Lymph nodes are the main way of transmitting cancer cells to other organs of the body.

Breast cancer is the most common in women's invasive cancer (which can spread to other cells or tissues). It is 16% of cancer in women and 22.9% of invasive cancer. 18.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide are caused by breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in most cities of India and this is the second most common type of cancer in rural areas. In these cities, about 25% to 32% of women having cancer can have breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a curse for women. Because it is murderous on any, and escape the breasts get through the operation. And personality of any woman without breasts loses its charm. So if you are female and are not aware about breast cancer, so be aware. So you left by the disease. So let us know what are the initial symptoms of breast cancer, only at the beginning how its prevention. Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi - And we also know that in this case the negligence may pay you to do. We also know about the treatment of breast cancer; breast cancer symptoms:

  • No signs of breast cancer in the beginning, but as it goes. Some of its symptoms emerge. 
  • Be a lump in the breast or armpits. Usually, such lump wouldn't hurt, but sometimes light can be a prick. 
  • Swollen armpits, and The size of the lump, in the beginning, is equivalent to rice grain. 
  • Pain in the breast or breasts grow more than normal of soft or hardening of the breasts. 
  • Scratch yourself to fall by themselves on the breasts. Or change the color, size or temperature of the breasts. 
  • Napisy PL size or change the color, go encounter or rash. Napisy PL itching or tingling. 
  • Get fluid or blood from Napisy PL, however, sometimes it can happen for other reasons. 
  • Lack of information and because of the shame most women only after serious breast cancer doctor. 
  • Detected breast cancer from mammography tests. To have more costs in mammography does not. 30-35 years of age, of course, every woman should need to test it. And Lump size grows over time. 

Stand in front of the mirror to your hands gradually downwards from the top draw on the breasts. Will feel a lump, you. Each week this way you can check the lump myself. to increase breast cancer risk for some possible causes: Late mother. Child far less milk. Only in the age of the period began. Menopause late. Drink alcohol. Smoking. Weight too much. breast cancer avoid some of the measures: Exercise every day, Eat low-fat substances in food, Reduce your weight, and The consumption of drugs of any kind.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi: Components of the human body and are made from tissue cells (cell). Cancer is a disease of these cells. Brest cancer with dangerous diseases spreading rapidly in the world. Brest cancer (Breast Cancer) or most of the breast cancer patients are women. Men also may have breast cancer, but its chances are very low.

How is breast cancer? Brest fat (Fat), supportive tissue (Supporting Muscles) and the tissue (Lymphatic Tissues) Luzhkov are made, which contain LOB (Lobe). Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Hindi - Breast cancer occurs when the cells of the breast cancer in vessels and lobe. According to doctors, the body consists of cells that break down and from time to time. It is highly controlled order generally. But when cells become approach breaking and uncontrolled and excessive new cells are created, then that place becomes a lump. When the cells or cells are combined to form larger proportions this tumor are turned into picks. Tumors can be benign and two-way malignant. Some of these benign tumors (lumps), non-malignant cancers but tumor cancers. Check out of this stuff is from.