Thyroid Cancer Surgery Scar

Thyroid Cancer Surgery Scar

Thyroid cancer surgery scar - Starting around 9:00 a.m. on Friday and I am home at about 3:30 on the same day. My surgeon reported to my mother that she was happy with how it has gone, and he gives some instructions to take home. I'm really sick of other I have been expected (or hoped!). In the recovery room, they asked me to rate the pain from 1-10 and my answer is 8. They asked if I wanted something for the pain and I remember thinking in the haze of just-out-of-anesthesia I "uh, Hello, even should You ask?... I said eight!"

Before I left the recovery room the pain was down to 5. I also got a shot of pain medication right before I left the hospital. Thyroid cancer surgery scar - At home, I had Vicodin every 4 hours for the first 2 days. Really get pain pills down is a little tricky because the swallow is a tramp complete thanks to the double-whammy of having a tube stuck down my throat during the operation and the fact that it is the neck surgery itself.

So I crushed up my pill in the beginning and mixed in a few puddings. But it does not really work. So I tried cutting the pills instead. But even in small pieces, I was afraid I would choke. Somehow I managed, but it was still scary. Thankfully, that gets better each time. I sleep on my back for the first few days, and I spent most of the first 2 days of recovery in the chair with his head propped to either side with a small pillow. It's one of the u-shaped travel pillows that I also used when sitting (in a chair), because it is difficult to move my head or hold it. On the third night, I was able to sleep on my side, as long as I'm careful not to rotate my neck. Also that day, I stopped the Vicodin except at night. See AlsoThyroid Cancer Cure Rate

In the post-op 5 days, I feel a lot of pain in my neck above the incision. It's definitely painful to touch my neck, and it hurt to even tilt my head back. It feels like very sore muscles. This also is the day that they told me the biopsy they tested was benign (Yeah), and they assured me that the pain I am experiencing is normal. I feel the pain more because I have stopped taking medicines as much.

Remove the pads over the incision: Strip surgery is supposed to come from his own post-op 7 to 10 days. It's hard to believe there are no stitches, just tape. Originally covered by a thick pad of gauze; they say that to take it from the day after surgery. It's not fun...

Thyroid Cancer Surgery Scar

The day after the operation, my first thought was "I don't want to take off the pad, very good protection." Then I realized that I had to take before the nurse called to check on me that day in my case I have a question for him. So I was in the bathroom and I want to see if the tape would hurt when I pulled. I started by gently pulling off. It didn't hurt, so I continued. I can see the first part of the incision and don't seem too bad, so I continued. Get to the other end, and pour out the blood a little and stick to the pad. I managed to do it with caution, and because it doesn't hurt me constantly and slid the pad along the way.

Immediately, I felt a "whoosh" that is sure all the blood left my head because I am sure I will faint. I take 2 steps to the bathroom door and realize "Yes, I'm totally going to faint" So I learned to the door for I don't know how long. Thyroid cancer surgery scar - I must have nodded out for a few seconds because when I "came to" my hands are shaking and I can't remember why I was there. Then my legs went and I went down, knocked my eyeballs into the door handle. (I have to have a black eye but Fortunately not!)

So now I'm on the floor, and I managed to get the door open. I crawled to the end of the hallway where my mom (who is visiting to help during the first days after the operation) checks me over to make sure I didn't disassemble the incision (I don't) or do something that is obvious to the eye (again, no). Then he said, "They say I'm supposed to help You let go of it." Well, no one told me that! So it was interesting, but brief, post-surgery freakout. About the sticky pads they, And now for the post-surgical pet peeve of mine. At home, I found 2 small pads they put on You (to connect You to a monitor and stuff). You know, the kind with nodes of small metal on it?

Thyroid Cancer Surgery Scar

Well, them and a large bandage I took off my neck leaving a sticky residue of the tape. Impossible to descend, and patches of sticky they got gunky and dirty. I spend a lot of time peeling the stiffness of my body in the days after the operation. I want to use GooGone me, but I can't peel it off my neck because it will hurt!

So when I do speak with a nurse, they said, "no, it will not come off with soap and water. You have to use alcohol." Also, the same thing applies to remove betadine yellow of Your skin. Now, why couldn't they have told me that before? And wouldn't it be better if they could send a small bit of it home with You? It is one of the little things that can make the process of post-surgery a little better if you ask me.

How many days off work? They said I could go back to work basically as soon as I could drive, but it should be planned a week or more. My initial plan is to go back in post-op 5 days, and I could have if I had to, but I'm really not ready. I feel I can drive if me, but I would've been worried about turning my neck. Not to mention the fact that he has been really uncomfortable all day at work. So I took the day off work a full week and will return on day 10 after surgery.

In addition to being tired, I think I will have to watch how much talking I do. Phone calls of more than 30 minutes cause my throat throbbing. Today is one week after surgery and the pain is much better. I still do not have full mobility of my head in all directions, but I feel well enough to drive yesterday. Still, have pain in my neck (to move or touch). Back to work after 10 days seem real possible-it turns out that it is too fast. I don't know how much You move your head and neck when other people are around You vs me at home alone do not see anything!

After 2 days at work (Monday and Tuesday) the muscles of my neck and shoulders are all tense and sore. I spoke with my doctor's nurse who agreed to take the rest of the week off would be a good idea, also leaving me another weekend. So I went back to the real day-to-day 17. I can tell a big difference from last Monday and feel much better today. Strip surgery finally fell on 15 days, with a little help from me. They barely hold the time. The scar itself looks pretty good, and feel much better after a gentle wash in the bath and clean with alcohol. The doctor I saw today and said it was healing perfectly. I feel "thick" the actual line of the incision in the vicinity. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but the doctor said it should go away within another month. I'll keep ya posted!

OK, so it's healing well. I decided I should include a picture of my face all over, because all You just see my neck! Please remember it's weird to take a picture of yourself, and my hair doing a dippity don't. I think my scar is healing very well, and so are my doctors. He says everything good and normal. Above and below my scar is "mountains." I can only describe as "thick". It has decreased drastically, and I can definitely say it will soon disappear. I could feel the thickness inside too, and the doctor said it was just internal healing.

After surgery: About 1-2 weeks after surgery, You will return to the clinic to meet with Your surgeon. This time You will also meet with a nurse or nurse practitioner who will review instructions regarding care for Your incision. The level of hormones Your thyroid will be measured in 4-6 weeks with an endocrinologist or primary care physician. Your dose of thyroid hormone will be adjusted at that time. Any questions You may have about Your operation:

What was the recovery like? You should expect to return to work within 1-2 weeks. Usually recovery from surgery is short and pain is minimal. Most common complaint after surgery is fatigue, sore throat, and general pain. This can generally be overcome in a week or two.

When can I return to work? You can return to work when You feel You can. Some people will come back after a few days and sometimes up to two weeks.

When can I eat? What can I eat? You can eat after surgery. There is no limit on what You can eat or drink. Some people experience a bad sore throat and prefer soft foods for a few days. It is recommended that You avoid heavy meals, greasy or spicy for the first few days.

What activities can I do? You can resume normal activities after surgery. There is no limit. You may feel more tired than usual that must be completed within a reasonable time after the operation. Light activity, like walking, is encouraged to help speed up the recovery. Exercise the neck gently (PDF) will help prevent a stiff neck after surgery.

When can I talk again? You may talk immediately after surgery. Your throat may be sore but talk is highly recommended.

How to take care of the dressing over the incision I? Usually, Stereo-pieces are placed over the wound. This is a small strip of white tape that helps to protect the incision. Stereo-pieces should remain intact for about 7-10 days. You can take them after a week.

When can I shower? You may shower 24-48 hours after surgery. We recommend that You leave intact while bathing Steri-pieces and lightly dry them with a towel after You are done. You should avoid swimming, baths, and hot water bath for at least 2 weeks after surgery.

What can I take for pain? When You are discharged home from the hospital, You will receive a prescription for painkillers. Do not take painkillers and Tylenol together. Pain medication contains Tylenol. If You want to, You can take ibuprofen, but no sooner than 5 days after the operation. Painkillers can make You constipated. You can use the table stool softener if this occurs.

What will the scar look like? Most of the cuts will be smooth lines, flat white from time to time.

Why is my scarred? You will see during the first few weeks after surgery that the scar area will become red, firm and hard. Scars often seem to become worse before they become better. This is normal. After 6 weeks, the scar will start to "mature". This means that the scars will soften and become less red. For 4 months, the scars will slowly become soft and will not be red. It may take up to a year for scars to mature.

When will the scars go? Scars are usually permanent. As the scar become softer and less red, it will start to blend into the skin around the scar. This will become less noticeable.

Whether to use Vitamin E oil help scars? It is not known if Vitamin E oil helps scars heal faster or make them less noticeable. If You choose to use Vitamin E oil on the scar, would not hurt. Apply the oil or lotion that can add moisture to the skin will help. Start one-two weeks after the surgery, it is a good idea to massage a scar gently but firmly for 5 minutes, two to four times a day. The use of oil or lotion of Your choice when doing the message.

How the sun's rays and scars? It is important to keep out of direct sunlight for up to one year after surgery. Too much sun makes a scar darker in color than the skin around the scar. You should at least use sunscreen with SPF 15 when outdoors.