Does Nutella Cause Cancer

Does nutella cause cancer - Fans of chocolate spread, perhaps, was stunned Wednesday by news that the repair of Nutella can cause a malignant tumor. Shops in Italy are even starting to remove some items from the shelves that contain palm oil. However, if people react or harm?
Does Nutella Cause Cancer

Why at the grocery store, Italian products containing palm oil from the shelves?
In may, Cooper, chain grocery store, the largest in Italy, attracted about 200 items own images of the shelf because it contains processed palm oil, which, according to some people, can create the danger of creating growth. Nutella does not include goods which have been evacuated.
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Cooper said that at the moment this insurance, and stopped to offer items that have been lost for younger children, which is considered more serious. Such a move is attempted after it is assumed that the Authority of the European food safety States that the pollutants, which are formed in the distillation of palm oil, are a cause of cancer.

What items are separated from Nutella contains palm oil?

Coconut oil ready in chocolate bars, frozen yogurt, sandwich stuff, and many ordinary objects. EFSA report on the problems associated with the prescription of a suckling child, which contain a mixture of cancer-causing.

However, his attention to Nutella rather is due to the fact that the brand is very famous brand in Italy and halfway because after the transaction has fallen, the producer of the spread, Ferrero, has produced television commercials and daily advertising Which seeks promising individuals whose goods are protected. I think it was to throw the charge over the stern.

Nutella Cause Cancer: What is palm oil may increase the risk of disease?

EFSA adopted the foolishness of the three substances of glycoside, which is contained in vegetable oils. They represent esters of unsaturated fatty glycidyl (GE), 3-monochloropropane (3-MCPD) and 2-monochlorophenol (2-MCPD). As shown in the EFSA study, the contaminants found in most vegetable oils, but palm oil contain a condition that is not normal.

They are not found in crude oil, but instead sent the moment the oil is filtered at high temperatures around 200 degrees Celsius, which is a standard procedure in the preparation of the fuel which is being prepared. Palm oil is heated to evacuate the smell of his trademark shade of orange.

EFSA conducted a study of logic earlier and found that the introduction of the return on GE expands the level of tumors in mice and rats, most likely by immobilizing the data is hereditary in their cells. The presentation is very harmful for young children, said the organization. It was found that 3-MCPD is dangerous for the kidneys living beings and is a danger to the conceptual foundations of human. Insufficient information on 2-MCPD to draw reliable conclusions about the influence of wealth, says EFSA.

What are manufacturers doing to reduce the risk for the buyer?

Representatives of Ferrero, said that the organization selects the raw materials and mechanical treatments, which limit the pollutant. "The welfare and safety of customers is a great need, and a first for Ferrero, and we argue that the subjects on which Ferrero defended," the organization says.

Nestlé, which produces various items with processed palm oil, says he is considering this important issue and supports research, logical justification, as the tumor causes the form of a mixture. Thus, States that "significantly reduces the level of esters MCPD" in his materials.

Does Nutella Cause Cancer: Why manufacturers are not using oil?

The answers are right on all accounts in cash. Oil changes, for example, of sunflower or rapeseed can be used, but will build the cost of materials of jewelry. According to estimates Reiter, Ferrero will need to spend up to us $ 22 million per year (18 million pounds) every year. Ferrero has not yet confirmed this figure. There is also the possibility of big gigantic, including the costs associated with changing the formula to ensure that fixed in accordance with the adaptation of the past allowed, and some with the procedures and assemblies that update and are looking for new suppliers of Various jewelry.

A representative of Ferrero said: "palm Oil - the best choice to ensure the consistency of the product and the correct structure and does not preclude alternative type of jewelry".
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The organisation says the use of palm oil from coconut oil means that it does not use the fat that you need to gidrogenizirovanii, giving "TRANS fats" which are detrimental. He also praised the environmental benefits of palm oil, which allegedly uses the ground 5 times less than perfect.

What should I do to limit the danger?

Does nutella cause cancer - A direct response to reduce the introduction of items containing palm oil is processed. The Rainforest Foundation UK provides guidelines for palm oil products. EFSA considers that for all but children, General introduction of it, breads, cookies and margarine. Many brands of chocolate contains refined palm oil. Advisor to the General Agency of social questioned in the show. A spokesperson for EFSA told that the appraiser is not an aspect of his responsibility, to make suggestions for food. UK food standards Agency says they are working with European allies to approve the direction that makes sense given the invention of the EFSA. "We ask that the buyer eats the solid meal scheme adapted and modified to customize the danger," said a spokesman for the FSA. None of the significant grocery store today announced plans for the evacuation of products that contain palm oil from the shelf.