Multiple Myeloma Crab

Multiple myeloma crab - Cancer is the indication of the zodiac the fourth which covers from June 22 until July 22. The crab is the mascot of the zodiac sign cancer. The letters C-R-A-B will also be left to the four clinical signs of Multiple Myeloma, tumors of the blood that occurs due to expansion of plasma cells which are harmful. The proximity criteria of the CRAB is a marker of criticism of the analytic of Multiple Myeloma. In 2003, the International Working Group for Myeloma (IMWG) is characterized by the criteria of CRAB in the British Journal of Hematology. We regularly here of the term CRAB in myeloma, but what does that mean? CRAB is an acronym from the indication of multiple myeloma the most famous:
Multiple Myeloma Crab

Multiple Myeloma Crab

C fixed for Calcium: Patients with multiple myeloma may have increased levels of calcium (hypercalcemia) due to rupture of the bone. Hypercalcemia due to Multiple Myeloma should be separated from different causes, for example hiperaktifitas organs parathyroid, the solution, and the use of supplements extreme calcium and vitamin D.
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Multiple myeloma crab - Myeloma invades the bone and separate the bones causing the calcium levels in the blood is high. This can lead to a variety of indications, including the thirst extreme, nausea, unemployment, loss of hunger, and abnormalities.

R stands for Renal failure: the Reason that most widely known for kidney failure in the understanding of myeloma is due to proteins excreted from the malignant cells. Of myeloma cells to deliver protein unusually high irregular into the blood. The opposite ranges of this protein, which can be downloaded through the kidneys, which can cause damage. In addition, the increased bone loss develop cause hypercalcemia, which can also add to the kidney failure.

Many patients with Multiple Myeloma have some degree of deficiency of the kidney in its determination. With the possibility of untreated patients with multiple myeloma can develop into a condition called myeloma kidney and may be lost the work of their kidneys completely. Patients with kidney damage, severe (IRA) that occurs due to Multiple Myeloma should be separated from patients with ARF with a variety of causes to make sure that You start the correct treatment.

A stands for Anemia:  In Multiple Myeloma, plasma cells dangerous attacks the bone marrow and can turn hematopoiesis ordinary or composition of the blood. This resulted in the decline of the manufacture of platelets, red and the condition is known as the pale. Patients with iron deficiency regularly flu weakness which is one of the basic indications of Multiple Myeloma.

Multiple myeloma crab - Redness caused by myeloma occurs because the replacement of bone marrow is typical of tumor cells that penetrate and limit the formation of platelets, red. The petals can cause fatigue, lack, mental weakness, and negligence.

B stands for Bone lesions (bone pain): Many patients with multiple myeloma experience injuries on the bones. This injury is caused by destruction of the bone in the area where the plasma cells dangerous has made a specialty in the bone marrow. In this zone, the plasma cells become dangerous, leading to the appearance of osteoclasts that cause bone absorption and the arrival of calcium from bone to serum. The bone in this area may be weakened and pause regularly is a sequel to unwanted.

The torment of the influence of the bone on the majority of myeloma patients, mostly in the spine and ribs. The rupture of the broken and the pressure of the spine the spine is also normal. Rupture of the bones also causes the influx of calcium into the blood, causing hypercalcemia. It is important that the bone problems cause torment, tears, and spine problems.
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After evaluation of the laboratory on routine measurement of the light series smoke (freelite®, serum protein electrophoresis, electrophoresis immunofixation), it is very important for the doctor to have the ability to separate the condition of the CRAB, which occurs because multiple Myeloma causes different. Criteria CRAB that is unique can be associated with many pathologies and the faster driver of the main side effects were analyzed, the faster the patient will receive proper care.