Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Breast cancer screening tests - Late 30s of the bankers of the mirror (name changed) is a morning bath in the left chest, this is found. She did this of her pain, not causing it as ignored. She was a few months after the General examination for the doctor went on. Mammography screening during her 2-year raw milk was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor she is in for a treat come early and if her survival is a good opportunity had told her.
Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Breast cancer is a breast tube from the organization development of women, the most common cancer and is one of them. 30 after pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity, late menopause, early onset of menstruation, Smoking, and alcohol consumption majorly of breast cancer risk factors that contribute.

Breast cancer symptoms, breast lumps, breast shape changes of the skin, dimpled, from the nipple of the body fluid, excretion, or skin of red scaly patches are included. Breast cancer screening tests - Disease of distant spread in those with bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, or yellow skin may.

Breast Cancer Screening Tests

India's almost all breast cancer patients it is a pre-stage when the disease is detected. Breast cancer cannot be prevented, but some of the steps to early detection, for cancer cells, is small, and not popular can be taken. It is also in the early stages, successful treatment for easy.

Mammography is for the detection of the most important screening test. Breast, they can feel even before the tumor in order to detect the x-test. Furthermore, signs and symptoms, you know, anytime the abnormality is discovered, it is important that you, it, medical experts early in the investigation can be.
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Breast abnormalities are detected, all ages of adult women have menstruation, after 5 days of self-examination to perform the essential. They are lumps or hardened knots to check for the fingertips can be used. If you have any problems, your healthcare provider talk to be wasted. These procedures, early breast cancer detection, and further spread from the cancer cells can be prevented.

Studies of breast cancer at least 40% of incidents are preventable, 30% are treatable, suggesting that Dr. Shahpar Haqiqat,・Cancer Institute for research and education Deputy, ISNA reported. Experts can help prevent breast cancer for diagnosis and monitoring, emphasizing the importance of"unfortunately, the country is still breast cancer screening systematic approach is not adopted," he said.

Breast cancer screening tests - "Women, at least 1 or 2 times for breast cancer test is, you should visit the doctor. Women over 40, A mammogram is an annual breast cancer screening should start. Monitoring, a family history of breast cancer for women who have is especially important," she added.・ Cancer Institute, breast disease for people with research, education, and treatment services for the purpose 1996 was established in. Center, each year 5 million patients with mammary gland disease diagnosis and treatment services.