How is Brain Cancer Diagnosed

How is brain cancer diagnosed - The brain cancer is a cancerous tumor of the brain. It is located in the brain or in another place of the body, a tumor consists of a mass of cells which multiply themselves and of uncontrolled way. Tumors can be benign or malignant.
How is Brain Cancer Diagnosed

Benign brain tumors are abnormal accumulations of cells that multiply slowly and are most often isolated from the normal brain tissue around it. These tumors grow slowly, do not spread to other parts of the brain, and are generally easier to cut than the malignant tumors. Malignant tumors multiply and grow quickly. It is difficult to delineate these tumors compared to normal brain tissue around it. How is brain cancer diagnosed - It is for this reason that it is difficult to be excised completely without damaging the brain tissue around it. One can classify benign and malignant tumors in different groups, depending on the type of cells they are made from.

How is Brain Cancer Diagnosed

The presence of the above symptoms might lead a doctor to suspect a cancer of the brain. A ct scan or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the first examinations to be performed to properly diagnose a cancer of the brain, regardless of the type. These radiological tests, the specialist can detect many types of brain tumors and determine their location and size accurately. However, they do not allow to determine if the tumor is cancerous or not.

We should do a biopsy to determine if the tumor is cancerous. For this, one takes a sample of the tumor during a surgical procedure. If the tumor is located too deep in the brain, surgeons can use a technique called biopsy, stereotactic or the introduction of the needle by a three-dimensional approach.

This technique involves using an MRI to create a three dimensional image of the brain, that we then use to guide a needle contained in a protective case special to the appropriate region of the brain. How is brain cancer diagnosed - One sucks and one collection of tumor cells in the needle for analysis. Once collected, analysis of the biopsy sample with the help of microscopes and chemical substances special to determine the type of tumor. It is usually necessary to wait several days before obtaining the results of a biopsy.

Sometimes we can take cells from brain tumors in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a special liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It picks up the CRL using a thin needle that is inserted into the lower part of the back, under local anesthesia; this procedure is called a lumbar puncture.

We may not practice this procedure when too much pressure builds up in the brain. In effect, the change of pressure in the brain resulting from the puncture may cause an aspiration of a part of the brain tissue towards the base of the skull, causing serious complications.

How is Brain Cancer Diagnosed

In the case where it is assumed that you have a brain tumor, your specialist may prescribe various tests and systems, including:
  • A neurological exam. A neurological exam may include, in addition to other things, checking your vision, your hearing, your fit, your coordination, your quality and your reflexes. Problems in at least one area can give information on the part of your brain that might be affected by a brain tumor.
  • Imaging Tests. An image of reverberation attractive (MRI) is normally used to diagnose brain tumors. From time to time, a color could be infused through a vein in your arm in the middle of your MRI. Different segments that are specific to MRI including MRI useful MRI perfusion and spectroscopy of reverberation attractive - can allow your specialist to assess the tumor and to plan treatment. Other imaging tests may include a computed tomography modernized (CT) and a positron emanation positron (PET).
  • Tests to find cancer in different parts of your body. Assuming that it is assumed that your brain tumor may be a consequence of cancer that has spread from another range of your body, your specialist may prescribe tests and methods to determine where cancer started. A case can be an output CT of the chest to look for indications of cancer of the lung.
  • Collect and test a sample of tissue irregular (biopsy). A biopsy may be performed as a major aspect of an evacuation operation of the brain tumor, or a biopsy may be performed using a needle.
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A biopsy needle stereotactic could improve the situation of brain tumors in hard to reach areas, or areas extremely sensitive to the inside of your brain that might be harmful in a transaction wider. Your neuro surgery lowers a small hole in your skull. A thin needle is then fitted in the opening. The fabric is expelled through the needle, which is often guided by a CT or MRI. The test biopsy is then seen under a magnifying glass to decide if it is cancerous or kind. These data are basic to establish a diagnosis and an estimate, and, in particular, in the management of the treatment.