Dog And Beth Fight Of Their Lives

Dog and beth fight of their lives - Beth Chapman gives an update on her battle with throat cancer in new 'Dog and Beth' trailer. A and E network brings the most famous bounty hunter in the world, Dwayne "dog" Chapman and his wife Beth, back to the emotional two-hour special documenting Beth with throat cancer, was announced today by Elaine Frontain Bryant, Deputy Executive President and head of the network's programming, & e. with tears and emotion, the dog and Beth opened their hearts and lives of audiences like never before. The show "Dog and Beth: fight in your life" on November 27 at 9 p.m. et/fr.

"We are grateful to the family Dog and Beth Chapman over their courage to share their personal journeys with the audience for a very difficult time in their lives," said Frontain Bryant. Dog and beth fight of their lives - "We hope this can inspire an audience."

The audience will follow the Dog and Beth from diagnosis through surgery and the journey towards recovery. As they enter the biggest struggle in their lives, they will look for the prayers and support of family and friends, including Shannon Tweed Simmons and others.

"Dog The Bounty Hunter" was released in 2004 and aired for seven seasons in the 200 episodes. For running it, the series became one of the most successful franchises in the run scoring record with television through the demo key. "Dog and Beth: struggle in your life" is produced by the media and network Thinkfactory. Thinkfactory Media is the Executive producer Leslie Greif, Adam Reed, Adam Freeman and Mayen Ma. Executive producer A & E is Elaine Fronton Bryant Savitsky, Amy, and Brad Abramson.

Dog And Beth Fight Of Their Lives

Dog And Beth Fight Of Their Lives
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Beth Chapman, the co-star of reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter, was diagnosed with throat cancer in the second stage this autumn, and will soon find out about its fight for health in a two-hour special. People reported that Beth will talk about his struggle in dog health and Beth: the struggle of her life, which will be screened on November 27. The show will follow suit of the diagnosis in September through surgery and begin the road to recovery.

Special event Beth in hospitals, as well as spending time with family and friends. "When you start this fight, I don't see a lot of optimism," said Beth, in the video preview that was released by a & e. "they gave me the opportunity of 50 to 50." At the end of September, she had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor the size of a plum from the neck.

Her husband, Duan "dog" Chapman, also consider the fight with his wife's diagnosis. "[Doctors] said:" I'm sorry, dogs, "and immediately I understood," he said. Dog and beth fight of their lives - The dog is also shown in the video, ask Beth "what will happen if you leave us forever?"

After his diagnosis, Beth, reportedly wrote a letter to his friend, pledged to fight every step of the way, and it was clear that he was still determined to beat cancer. "I want my kids can see that their mothers struggle to tolerate," said Beth specials. "Cancer chose the wrong woman, "added the dog.

Dog and beth fight of their lives - "We thank Beth Chapman family, dogs and because of their courage to share my personal journey with the audience during a very difficult time in their lives," Elaine Fronteyn Bryant, head of programming for & E, says in a press release. "We hope that this feature can give inspiration to the audience." Recently, Beth steps back in the spotlight, appeared with dogs at a party for the series Hawaii five-0. [This is one of his first public appearances after cancer surgery.