Beth Chapman Cancer Update

Beth Chapman cancer update - Beth Chapman is ready to hit with cancer in the ass. On Thursday afternoon, the star of Dog The Bounty Hunter show to the fans that he was suffering from throat cancer. "As many of you know, I never predict the trials and troubles, I was hired by my unexpected strike for nearly fifty years, but nothing serious, as I have heard from both of my doctors. a few weeks ago, when they say the three words of this terrible, "you have cancer," he writes in a letter received by the Radar Online.

According to reality TV star, she has a tumor in his throat T2, which is preventing it from breathing. The doctor immediately doing treatment and surgery before the disease develops.

"Sure, I've been staring at the devil more than once in my life, but I never found the decision of life or death." My life has never been easy, and I certainly don't expect it to start now, "she wrote. her. "However, I have never been a victim, and I won't let cancer beat me." Beth Chapman cancer update - I understand that the path that I'll travel will be rocky, full of unexpected and round the bend, but I know one thing for sure. not the end of the road. "

Duane "The Dog" Chapman and his wife first became a celebrity when they performed in E & B Dog the Bounty Hunter Show for eight seasons. The series begins with syndication, while the couple appeared briefly on CMT Dog and Beth: in the hunt. While in the year 2015, the couple developed a loyal fan base after opening their lives to the camera.

Beth Chapman Cancer Update
When Beth gets ready to undergo surgery, he has a message for his fans: he's not giving up by any means.

"I will fight with every step." Husband and kids I wish could be there for years, "wrote Beth to his followers." I am so grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who have given me tremendous support during this difficult time. " We hope Beth quickly recovers and recovers completely. Beth Chapman cancer update.

Beth Chapman Cancer Update

Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife Beth Chapman "plum-sized tumor" removed from the neck after a cancer diagnosis. Less than two weeks after it was revealed that she has diagnosed with cancer stage II throat, Beth Chapman, star of the reality wife Dog The Bounty Hunter, has removed a tumor from his neck.

Chapman was the "plum-sized tumor" cut during operation 12 hours, according to the blast. Earlier, in September, Chapman suggests that he has diagnosed with cancer stage II throat.

"I was hired by my share of unexpected shocks during my nearly fifty years, but nothing as serious as the one that I heard from my doctor two weeks ago when they say it's horrible three words" you have cancer, "He writes in a letter to a friend, we have downloaded.

Chapman wrote that he received the diagnosis after visiting a doctor for a persistent cough, lasting a few months. "Sure, I looked down the devil many times in my life, but I've never experienced real life or death decision," she wrote. "My life has never been easy, and I certainly did not expect to start now. However, I have never been a victim, and I won't let cancer beat me. "