Metastatic Prostate Cancer Prognosis Life Expectancy

Metastatic prostate cancer prognosis life expectancy - (survival) Treatment of metastatic prostate cancer depends on the stage of cancer and prostate. If a malignant tumor does not spread to other parts and still be in the prostate, radiation therapy and surgery called a radical prostatectomy are suggested.

For people who are very old, "watchful waiting" is recommended, where no care seriously. If the tumor is large enough to fill the prostate gland, then there can be cured with surgery or radiation. Thus, hormone therapy is prescribed to reduce the rate of growth of cancer.

The man who exposed the prognosis of metastatic prostate cancer may experience side effects is good because of cancer itself, or due to treatment. Metastatic prostate cancer prognosis life expectancy. So that could be a side effect of prostate cancer or side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Side effects can vary from one form to the other treatment and from one patient to other patients. It can also vary depending on the degree of processing. Let's look at some of the side effects that are caused by a variety of treatment options for prostate cancer. (Related: Prostate Cancer Spread to Bones and Lymph Nodes Life Expectancy)

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Prognosis Life Expectancy
Metastatic prostate cancer Predicts Rapture operation can lead to permanent impotence or urinary incontinence. But this problem is solved to some extent with the help of the latest technology. This method is now included in the surgical removal of the prostate, especially when a little tumor.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Metastatic prostate cancer prognosis life expectancy. Prostate cancer is common among Americans. In 2004, nearly 300,000 American men diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 30,000 died. If that is what these statistics show that prostate cancer, for most patients, it actually has a good prognosis. Like other forms of cancer, early detection plays an important role in the results of a given treatment, the prognosis of the disease, and life expectancy of the patient. That is why it is highly recommended that an annual inspection is carried out by a doctor. Catch cancers at an early stage will make much better forecasts.

Metastatic Cancer: Metastatic cancer spreads from the beginning to the other parts of the body through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. This is because of cancer cells apart from the mass in the place of its origin and migrates to other parts of the body where he continues to grow. Metastatic cancer is actually the final stages of cancer. Cancer is not detected so far, the next stage can be difficult to treat and their rarity levels down, as well as the survival rate.

Survival Rate: Men who experience metastatic prostate cancer have a chance of less than 10% survive for five years after diagnosis. However, different from each cancer patient, and each patient was also different from each other. Metastatic prostate cancer prognosis life expectancy. Therefore, every person who had metastatic prostate cancer does not have to undergo the same prognosis. Studies have shown that the location of the tumor, among others, could affect prognosis and some men who have metastatic prostate cancer have likely endured a 20% to 30% in the first five years after diagnosis.

Treatment: Treatment options available for the final stages of this type of cancer, but are more difficult to treat than at the early stage when the cancer is localized still. Even if this cancer can be treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the possibility of high his relapse. Repeatability usually occurs when metastasis occurs. Patients with metastases tend to get a bad prognosis. When cancer metastasis, giving sometimes there are too many cancer cells and ultimately disrupt the metabolism in the body, eventually causing death. In other cases, cancer can metastasize to the vital parts of the body, such as the brain, and then cause death.
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Metastatic prostate cancer prognosis life expectancy. Surgery surgical treatment is usually thrown out the window if there is cancer, but not all. If cancer cells are large, click on vital organs, or entwined around a smooth structure, surgery is not an option. Advanced cancer is treatable, but the prognosis is not very good. Metastatic prostate cancer is the cancer of late stage and prognosis of survival after the first five years after diagnosis is very low compared to other stages.