Stage 3 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy

Stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy - This cancer is most often inflicted on women, but what is stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy? This time the CancerOZ will explain about life expectancy without treatment, inflammatory breast cancer, metastatic, and average life expectancy for new patients. Here we will give you the article briefly and clearly about this.

In stage III, cancer has not yet spread far beyond the nearby breast and lymph nodes. So, depending on the progress, that person can live for many years. For those who were diagnosed with breast cancer in Stage 2 10 years ago. Of course, they are still strong, without a sign to spread further. It is most likely to have a MUGA scan that will determine how strong the heart is. How the treatment will be based on results. It can also have a full body scan to see if there are indications of cancer elsewhere.

Stage 3 is not a death sentence. Many friends know many women who are diagnosed with advanced cancer, what happens? I'm still here. Stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy - Don't give up! Many people are included in the online breast cancer Support group. We are aged from 20 to 70years. A group of extraordinary women who not only share their knowledge, experiences, hopes, and encouragement.

What is the stage of breast cancer? What is the stage of breast and breast cancer? Have you heard of all these requirements before? If not, it's time to know in detail about breast cancer. Being a woman should not ignore this because the female population is more vulnerable to it than men. So people should know this term as well as full signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy - Early detection can save lives and an estimated percentage of 86.4% of people diagnosed with breast cancer may survive more than five years after treatment. October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy
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If you can see breast cancer at an early stage, then the survival rate of breast cancer will be elevated. As the life expectancy rate increases. So you know about the different stages of breast cancer to fight more efficiently and to take into account some of the experiences that we've taken from some friends in our forum here. Here's the experience and advice for you, your life expectancy if it's at Stage 3 is still great, keep the spirit.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy

Stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy - "Life expectancy by not treating breast cancer is something you should ask your doctor. Of course, choosing how to treat cancer and it is important that others respect the choice. It would be very helpful to get emotional support and practical guidance in the face of death I admire your courage and you directly deal with advanced disease and late-life problems. "

"If cancer has been removed with surgery, you may be able to survive 50 or60% in the last ten years without any additional treatment. Chemo can add a 10%supplement. People are under the mistaken assumption that Chemo is the medicine. If they persist, they will appreciate the chemotherapy when they could have lived without it. They don't pay attention to the stats actually. Chemo can have more side effects than the real risk of cancer. Think positively, eat well, and ignore thoughts about breast cancer. I just finished regimen four TC cycles for early breast cancer to meet my family. The recommendations were eight cycles of aggressive TAC. I have to catch a conservative root and suffer from any side effects that may occur. A positive attitude I came from the fact that I thought was caught in time and will never come back. "

"I 59 years old and diagnosed in the IIIC stage in January I just ended six months of chemotherapy and radiation I have a lumpectomy. Hair loss, neuropathy, some nausea and some fatigue, dryness of the mouth and eyes of the chemo secretions; And a painful radiation dermatitis from the radiation.

"I have exceptional and caring professionals who react with compassion for any problems or complaints and support from my friends and family. I am looking forward to a positive result, whether it was with dermatitis, the radiation disappears and remit Lympmidem. (I was. The type of person who, in the case given a cage full of manure will begin to shovel because I know there must be a pony out there somewhere)a sense of humor has helped me go through most of the discomfort and knowing that my God will see me A through-if they have a year or 50 years. "

Stage 3 breast cancer life expectancy - "No one can or should decide for you. I can't just share my results, knowing that stage 3a a death sentence. I look forward to doing some things with my family, so I thought I'd put in for 10 years. I now realize that I might not have that much and now it's time to do it! The diagnosis of cancer can be done for you. "