Holistic Breast Cancer Treatment

Holistic Breast Cancer Treatment

Holistic breast cancer treatment - Holistic therapy is a generic term for any treatment that treats the entire individual (mind, body, spirit). It is also used for complementary medicines or alternative medicine. However you want to call it, there is an increasing trend to incorporate traditional medical treatments with other healing methods.

But you also need to know the natural remedies for breast cancer including garlic consumption, broccoli, grapes, green tea, lignans, green wheat, soybeans, vitamin D and calcium. Breast cancer is characterized by the development of malignant breast tissue. Holistic breast cancer treatment. These can be categorized as ducts, lobular or inflammation, depending on where made.

This may be due to drinking, radiotherapy in the breast, the birth of the first child at a young age or too old, the amount of progesterone or high estrogens etc. Breast cancer can be considered as the result of some symptoms. Breast cancer treatment drugs do not cure diseases but stimulate the immune system to kill tissue cancer to a certain extent. However, the full lifestyle and healthy eating habits are recommended for the longevity of breast cancer patients.

Although it cannot be cured, breast cancer can be prevented with some preventative measures and a balanced lifestyle. After activation, it can no longer stop, but eat a healthy and nutritious diet so that anti-cancer can prevent pathogen penetration and trigger the immune system to combat cancer cells. Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy should apply a special diet because two treatments tend to cause different side effects such as hair loss, nausea, etc.

Holistic Medicine Breast Cancer Treatment

Holistic breast cancer treatment - The achievements achieved in recent years in the treatment of breast cancer are mainly related to the early form of the disease. Almost half of the patients who are operating sooner or later have remote metastases, relapse at local or regional level. If the spread in the body and the transfer of tumor cells and their complex in organs and removed tissues can occur even in the early stages of tumor development (of course, before treatment), the cause of local relapse and lies Regionally unable to delete, in all cases, the Zmbolov tumor affected the Limfangita skin and subfascia of lymphatic vessels, as well as lymph nodes. The tumor invasion of the regional lymph nodes, according to the Institute of Oncology, was established in 58.3%, according to observations to MNIOR them. See Also: Best Holistic Cancer Treatments.

Thus, the treatment of patients with breast cancer is less connected with the help of a solution surgical problems but is a combination of a complex combination that is not yet stable and complex of surgery, radiotherapy, Hormonal and, in recent years, immunological effects.

Before moving on to the concrete demonstration of the method of treatment, let us concentrate on the concepts of combined, combined and complex care. Holistic breast cancer treatment. Under the combined treatment at the Institute of Oncology, as in other medical institutions (Petersen B. E. and ET., 1978), refers to the use of several exposure methods are identical, support each other or operate in parallel. An example of combination therapy can be used in combination with gamma-ray preoperative and electrotherapy treatment, and the treatment of metastases, some chemotherapy medications multidirectional action (e.g. Alkylation agents and Antimetabolites, etc.).

The idea of combined treatment embodies the idea of different methods, which are essentially the same in the direction, used sequentially and simultaneously. Examples of combined treatment are pre-operative radiotherapy and subsequent mastectomy which aims to destroy and eliminate the main objective and regional metastases. The use of chemotherapy and hormone therapy simultaneously in the treatment of patients with remote metastases occurring at different times after mastectomy is due to the combined effect on tumor and body metabolic processes, changes to Different levels can inhibit the growth of remote metastases.

Finally, in recent years, the idea of complicated drugs has arisen. Under it, like be Peterson et al. (1978), to understand the use of all types of exposure to the primary tumor and regional lymph nodes, and to focus metastases on distant organs. To this end, the complex action can be proposed, which consists of the operational effects of local-regional beams (combinations and combinations thereof), as well as the methods of hormonal public chemistry and immunotherapy.

Since historically no opinion about the main place in the treatment of breast cancer, the removal operation and the main objective of regional collectors, all other methods, including in complex treatment, are used to call for additional.

We cannot fail to stress that, according to leading experts, grouping over different methods of treatment, in principle, has no practical significance, because in every particular case all the components that make up a complex combination or Registered. Due to the fact that most professionals still use certain groups, often placing them in a variety of concepts, we consider it necessary that the practitioner had the idea not only of the basic principles of treatment but also About existing terminology.