Holistic Treatment For Lung Cancer

Holistic Treatment For Lung Cancer

Holistic treatment for lung cancer - Lung cancer is a strong and fast-growing cancer that starts when some lung cells begin to grow rapidly and chaos without control. Most of the time, it is manifest in an advanced stage, when it affects the normal functioning of the lungs. Respiratory problems are the first symptoms of lung cancer. Lung cancer continues to spread to the nearest lymph nodes and sometimes to other lungs. Furthermore, metastasis occurs in other organs such as bone, brain, or liver.

A cough lasts more than 2 to 3 weeks, with general health changes, expectorant with blood. It is a form of cancer that often creates a niche with bloody expectations, rarely hemorrhage, difficulty breathing, chest pain, sometimes sore throat. First, cough Khan, have a sense of accent and burning sensation. Color phlegm like raisins. Patients with weakness.

The most important carcinogenic factor in the lungs is smoking. It counts the number of cigarettes a day, but those who do not smoke, but are in a smoke-cigarette environment. The main employee in a drug-charged cigarette is gasoline. Carcinogens come from tobacco and tobacco paper. Other beneficial factors are inhaling the harmful substances and carcinogens of atmospheric pollution in the atmosphere (smoke is eliminated by the plant chimney, exhaust gas). See Also: Best holistic cancer treatment centers.

Cancer diagnosis in modern condition is no longer a decision, because of traditional medical methods and not always very effective has added modern techniques to holistic biological treatments. After approval and clinical research meet the criteria of medicine-based evidence, in Germany they are introduced into widespread practice.

Guidelines for Treatment of Comprehensive Biological Cancer

Holistic treatment for lung cancer - The main thesis of this method for malignant cancer therapy is a complicated individual treatment. Starting from such assumptions, it has an impact not only on individual diseases but also affects all organisms. This is possible because of the increase in medical knowledge about the functioning of the body in general. There are several methods of approaches for cancer treatment:

1. Treatment by Microimmune is the treatment based on the use of local immune medications for the local area of the tumor, allowing the destruction of efficient tumor cells without changing the overall immune level.

2. Anesthesia. Today in Germany, practicing successful techniques reduces the intensity of pain without the use of anesthetic painkillers. Such methods include electrical therapy, psychological effects, and other holistic biological care methods.

3. Increased body heat is a treatment with the help of local effects on high-temperature tumors without damaging the healthy tissues around. This technique is very effective in small malignant tumors without germination in tissues and metastasis development. A common increase in heat stems is a common process of increasing body temperature, increasing the metabolism, intensity of the immune system and the destruction of cancer cells.

4. Laser treatment. High-energy rays aim at malignant tumors, destroying them without damaging tissues and healthy side effects. And electric acupuncture is a modern technique to influence the reflective point of the human body with the help of electrical currents. It is possible to change the metabolic process naturally and strengthen the immune system functioning to destroy tumor cells.

5. Ozonotherapy. The solution of physiology to ozone soluble in them is injected into the bloodstream through an ozonation device. Ozone joins the plasma proteins and forms the organic ozone. They reduce the growth of cancer cells, strengthen the work of cell relationships and the body of the immune system. And the magnetic field is a physiotherapy technique for the treatment of cancer in Germany, where the magnetic field is applied.

6. Manual treatment. In literally means treatment with the help of hands. The effect is done on a number of reflective areas and human skin spots are responsible for anesthesia, immune system, transformation and the general state of the body. And quantum therapy, Impact on the light body with some light energy, safe, close dose in quantum form. This allows achieving the destruction of malignant tumor cells, without side effects on the tissues and healthy organs.

7. Psychokinesiology is a therapeutic field aimed at establishing an inverse biological relationship between patients of a patient with a person's cancer and a physician, providing many opportunities for stimulating the possibility of widespread protection of organisms.

8. The destruction of cancer cells by high-frequency wave (high-frequency therapy) is an innovative approach to using ultrasound not only to diagnose but also to treat the pathology in humans. High-frequency ultrasound and energy annihilate the tumor efficiency.

9. Oxygen treatment is based on higher oxygen consumption by cancer cells where the hungry oxygen conditions (lack of oxygen) are created in the local area of the tumor. Holistic treatment for lung cancer. And insulin therapy; Directly to cancer, insulin injections, reduce blood sugar intake and cause famine of their malignant cells and deaths.

10. Light therapy is an effective technique for treating the form of cancer, using light energy waves and certain frequencies to destroy them. And UV radiological rays, Allows you to destroy cancer cells that cause metastasis by transmitting their blood.

11. Fertility treatment is a technique aimed at stimulating the development of normal cells that prevent malignant tumors. And the treatment of the chemical conversion, The action to change the metabolism throughout the body, this will reduce the amount of substance in the tumor, necessary for its growth.

12. In general, a list of holistic biological treatments in Germany continues to grow. Species and numbers of them are determined by cancer physicians in each case separately, depending on the type of tumor, its location, the stage of the cancer process and the general condition of the patient.

City air with smoke and smoke, the use of household chemicals, bad habits in the form of smoking increases the incidence of lung cancer, placing it in second place after cardiovascular pathology. Holistic treatment for lung cancer. And this tumor is more common in men in labor age. The cunning of lung cancer lies in the event that there is no pain syndrome, in the treatment of classical diseases that are revealed at the end stages of fragile (cachexia) of the body, when there is virtually no resources left to resist pathology. This holistic biological diagnosis and alternative therapies in Germany have made it possible to achieve good results in complete healing and removal (release of the body) of cancer cells in the lungs.