Bone cancer - symptoms and tests for bone cancer

Bone cancer - symptoms and tests for bone cancer - Bone cancer is a vital organ in humans, as a frame that has a joint that serves as the guardian of organs in the human body. Bones should get a special place where we have to keep and take care of them. In certain conditions some humans often experience fractures, it is certainly not intentional but we cannot ignore. As for some factors that resulted in human fractures such as falling from altitude, motor accidents and many other factors. But there is a condition of humans who do not experience the above but can suffer fractures, this may be caused by brittleness or this as a sign of bone cancer.

So what exactly is bone cancer??? Bone cancer is one type of cancer that affects the bones of the body. Bone cancer can actually be solved with some treatment, therefore we should experience the strangeness of our bones immediately check for early detection of bone cancer and know the way of treatment.

Bone cancer can be experienced by everyone from toddlers or elderly. Therefore, we in the advice always keep the condition of our bones to be healthy and strong. Many ways to help keep our bone condition especially we have to consume a lot of calcium for good bones

Bone cancer -

Symptoms of bone cancer:

Bone cancer is a relatively rare cancer that occurs but there is still a case that mentions a person suffering from bone cancer, therefore we should know the symptoms of bone cancer because this is highly recommended. As for some symptoms that often arise when bone cancer such as:

Bone Pain:

Reported from National Health Service UK, Pain is one of the symptoms that are often experienced by people with bone cancer. At night the sufferer will experience more severe and heavy pain.


Reported from the Mayo Clinic, in addition to swelling, inflammation also occurs as one of the symptoms of bone cancer. Usually this swelling occurs in the part of the bone that is undergoing cancer, this swelling will occur continuously in the joints until the sufferer is difficult to move. 

Brittle bones

The bones will be more fragile and the loss of bone when the bones are over by the cancer cells. In certain conditions or at the stage for the sufferers of bone cancer can have paralysis or broken bones and difficult to move.

From the reviews above we can know the symptoms of bone cancer in general, but the sufferers of bone cancer at first will also experience other symptoms such as sudden weight loss, sweating at night, fatigue, fever, experiencing tingling, numbness and shortness of breath. bone cancer - Symptoms and Tests for Bone Cancer

How do they check for bone cancer?

There are several ways of detecting bone cancer since early as follows:

Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) is considered able to know and detect the extent of cancer cells in our body, especially to know the bone cancer cells that have entered into the patient's body.

Computed tomography ( CT ) Scan

Computed tomography ( CT ) scans are conducted to ensure the extent to which cancer cells are already spreading to our bones and can be aware of the spread of bone cancer cells in the whole body


This is usually done by taking samples of our bones and it is also considered most effective to know whether we are experiencing bone cancer

Bone X-Ray

Bone X-rays are the first choice to know whether we suffer from bone cancer or other bone disease. With the results of X-rays then the doctor can read the results and take the conclusion of the disease that we suffer with the bone problems that we feel.

These are some symptoms of bone cancer and how to detect bone cancer cells in the body. For those of you who are experiencing these symptoms should check with the doctor. Because bone cancer cannot be underestimated, because it can also lead to death. Success Greetings Thank you have popped in this blog. - Bone cancer - symptoms and tests for bone cancer