Drew Barrymore Breast Cancer, Santa Clarita Diet?

Drew barrymore breast cancer - It's only been three weeks since Director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Red Riding Hood) lost a friend to cancer. So the interview with Emma Mullings 103.2 Expectations about Miss You Already, comedy-tragedy, starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette, not just chatting about his work. That's personal. Played at the end of 2015 and is out on DVD this week, Miss You Already is a heart wrenching drama about two best friends Milly (Collette) and Jess (Barrymore) navigates his way through breast cancer Milly. This has been described as a rollercoaster intense emotions without fear, digging into the reality of living with the disease is life-threatening. The background that makes these 10 facts both poignant and moving.
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Drew Barrymore Breast Cancer, Santa Clarita Diet?

1. the Director of The only lost Her Dear Friend - "I have some friends who have been through what we see in movies," said Catherine Hardwicke 103.2 Expectations. "My dad had cancer, and one of my beloved friends go through experiences like this and really just died about three weeks ago. Fifty percent of the world had cancer so I guess it touched everyone's lives."

2. The Movie is based On The Writer's Real - Movies and scenes of emotional detail, such as Milly shows the scars of the operation, and give his mother a bunch of hair, based on personal experiences of the screenwriter Morwenna banks. He lost three friends to breast cancer for a short time. One of the three, Deborah, have an idea for a funny novel that he and the Bank's working together. Who becomes a radio play, and finally, the script of the film.

"When he became too sick and too tired, he entrusted wrote to me," said the Banks The Guardian. "I'm nervous of their families, but when I spoke with Deborah's husband he gave its blessing. In the end, I sent the script to each family and they give their consent. "

3. Girl Drew Barrymore has been lost - Drew Barrymore, who serves as the companion Milly Jess, now has an annual breast cancer screenings after seeing two of his close friend lost his mother to breast cancer.
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Talk to the mirror about Miss You Already, he says the script ran past her peers to see if it's realistic. "They said it was," he said, "and that humor, anger, chaos and selfishness, it's an ongoing process, long cancer-feel true to life. I really think so much of them through filmmaking. "

4. Head Shaving Themes Are Real - One of the film's most moving scene is when Milly had his head shaved by a wigmaker Jill, made even more potent because it happens in real life. "It was a real deal," said Hardwicke. "[Collette] want to do it. And Francis de la Tour only dare grab a razor and shaved head Toni right there on camera. It's a commitment on both their parts and courage as well. " Collette news.com.au said that he had been shaving his head five times now to art and that it is "the most she could do". "I would do anything for this film," he said. "I just don't want to fake it all."

5. Toni Collette Are greatly affected By The Film - After an intense emotional role as Toni Collette said, struggling to return to normal life in accordance with everyday life. "I find it hard to let go, months and months later," he said. "I've never played someone who had to face death before and very confrontational to really investigate it. I was surprised by how hard it is to get back to just my life. "

6. The doctor's Real Theme in chemotherapy - The cast and crew met with the medical experts while researching for the film, says Hardwicke. "Oncologists who is set on that day we did scenes of chemo," she said. "They are actually in the scene, so we're going to get it as accurate as possible. We want to be accurate, emotional and technically accurate. "

7. Drew And Toni Do Become close friends in real life - Filming of Miss You Already sparked a sincere friendship between Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. The pair bonded quickly more life experience with them, they walked on the red carpet holding hands at the premiere of the film, they text each other from the other side of the world, according to the Carousel, they even had a vacation together and even their children have become best buds.

8. Create the characters ' Overdrive ' - Hardwicke said Hopes that the movie 103.2 we see today have more humor than the original text. "The first incarnation of [the script] I read I thought wow, this is so powerful and so real," said the Director. "I feel like it's almost too sad. I was like, "I think these people will have to be harder because you could end up crying the whole movie". So we somewhat hardened everything. We want to put as much humor as we can. All of the victims and caregivers we talk different, they say, "the more you can laugh, the better". So we kept trying to find humor. Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette, a natural comic, Improv with the script and create a lot of off-the-cuff when comedy.

9. A breast cancer Check Just Before Filming - "Just before I flew to London I thought," I'll go for six months, I'll go and get my breast cancer check-up before I go "", says Director Catherine Hardwicke ". Only by having my own checks put into my question, "I'll be fine or not? " He also used the opportunity to inform himself as to the movie, interviewing doctors and nurses ask them about patient experiences and reactions to the diagnosis.

10. Crews Are deliberately stacked with women - In the new talk with hope 103.2, Hardwicke said it was a conscious decision to employ more women in film. "I think it's quite interesting," he said. "We talk a lot about gender equality now. There was a woman Director, a woman writer, three main actors were women in the film, the little girl is also a very powerful actress as well. And we have a woman in the sound and costumes and the hair and makeup. I think they've done studies showing that as soon as you have a woman Director, you end up hiring the crew as other women. We are pushing for it. I think we're all out there trying to change the balance now. "