What Does Skin Cancer Look Like

What does skin cancer look like ( on your lip how the scalp leg early stage a mole beginning of start arm melanoma ) - Shampoo on SPF before going into the sun, in fact, it might not be enough to protect you from the rays causing the cancer, depending on the results of a new study. Solution? Coloured sun-protection water. Despite the increasing use of the protection of religious Solari, the rate of skin cancer is also increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cases reported by melanoma-the most dangerous form of skin cancer-grow every year.

It makes a fascinating inquiry for specialists at the examination Center on Redox forms in Biomedicine (redoxome) in Sao Paulo: If we are more persevering than applying SPF, why still consumed? What does skin cancer look like ( on your lip how the scalp leg early stage a mole beginning of start arm melanoma ) - It all comes down to rays. Earlier this year, researchers eventually discovered how the UV rays triggered the formation of melanoma. "UVB is absorbed directly by the DNA molecules of our skin cells, encouraging direct photochemical processes that distort the DNA structure, which affect its function," Maurício Baptista, professor at the Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo and Redoxome member, said Allure. UVA beams, then again, infiltrate further into the skin, causing "photooxidation DNA, framing a pre-mutagenic DNA injuries, which can gather and cause dangerous change." In other words, they have the potential to cause cancer.

In a recent study conducted using skin cells of culture and published in the Journal of investigative Dermatology, Baptista and a team of researchers looking more closely at the type of damage from UVA and a rays of real light that can cause skin under Surface. More specifically, they found that exposure to UV rays stimulate the accumulation of pigments called lipofuscine, which "has the potential to cause oxidative damage to skin cells, in the presence of visible light," Kathleen Cook, Suozzi, assistant professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, who was not involved in the study, said Allure. In other words, UVA rays affect the skin and exposure to visible light exacerbates the problem.

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like
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"Although we know that oxidative damage is involved in the process of carcinogenesis of the skin, more research is needed to show whether the accumulation process of lipofuscine and light seems to be relevant in the development of skin cancer," he said. "Visible light It is not enough to cause damage-the process described depends on synergies with exposure to UVA. "

So what does this mean for your routine? Sun protection? While the SPF chemicals protect you from UVA and UVB rays that cause cancer, nothing protects your skin from visible light rays. "Sunscreen is good at this point allows photons in the visible field to penetrate free skin, causing a damaging effect," said Baptista. That means "the habit of using sunscreen and staying in the sun for long periods of time can cause irreparable damage to skin health, including aging and the possibility of training tumors," he said.

Guard your skin from a wide range of beams, you require a physical square amongst you and the sun-I consider dress or sunscreen that serves to mirror the light. "In the older formulation, physical minerals inhibiting this will leave a whitish hue for the skin and are unacceptable for the darker skin types," said Suozzi. Unless you want to wear long sleeves every time you go out in the sun "It is also important to develop possible ways to protect our skin from visible light," said Baptista.

What does skin cancer look like ( on your lip how the scalp leg early stage a mole beginning of start arm melanoma ) - Enter a colorful sun protection agent, where Baptista and his team currently produce commercially. While any color is technical-SPF hot pink? Yes, please. -"To be used in cosmetic products, they should match the skin color so that it mixes," Suozzi said. Who knows, maybe not too much until SPF comes in countless shades, such as the Fenty Beauty Foundation. In the meantime, remember that even with the help of SPF, spending too much time in the sun can affect your skin. To stay protected, you need a mineral sunscreen product or some serious colors.