Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer Stage 4

Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer Stage 4

Alternative treatment for lung cancer stage 4 - Treatments for stage 4 lung cancer is a challenge for patients and doctors. Stage 4 is the most severe stage of the disease. At this point, there is the possibility of cancer cells have spread to other organs in the body. However, this is not to end it, if patients treat it quickly, positive and correct.

Treatment of lung cancer stage 4 is something a lot of people worry about. Lung cancer is a common disease in men. Especially those who regularly smoked a higher risk. Lung cancer is divided into several stages, the heaviest phase is 4. To obtain positive results, patients need to be treated aggressively and use the best measures. So what are the alternative treatments for lung cancer stage 4?

Lung cancer is a multi-faceted disease, and there are many types of lung cancer treatment that is effective. Conventional approaches, such as chemotherapy and radiation, cannot be continuously used because of their high toxicity. The side effects of this treatment, such as immune suppression and secondary malnutrition, can worsen the prognosis because the cancer cells grow quickly. You need to experience the many alternative lung cancer treatment options, holistic and integrative medicine at Sanoviv.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry had failed to generate more than a few useful therapies for lung cancer, however, many people still assume that the only option for treating cancer is major surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. A unique approach by combining a variety of alternative therapies, holistic and integrative medicine that is usually not considered by a conventional doctor for lung cancer.

Here is an overview of some of the treatments are the most effective lung cancer that we have found. Our goal is to support your own defense, killing cancer cells, detoxifying your body and improve your overall health.

Alternative Treatment For Lung Cancer Stage 4

One lung cancer treatment that is effective is to starve the cancer cells of foods that will boost their reproduction. At Sanoviv, we present 100% organic food to make sure you don't add to the burden of detoxifying your body. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, we believe the use of energy in the diet to improve health and to help heal your body. Part of our programs including learn healthy eating habits and recognize patterns of eating and cooking that are not healthy. This program is provided by a professional, Certified Nutrition Experts and equipped with individual metabolic typing to ensure the recommended diet is the best support your overall health.

Immunotherapy is based on modifier/biological immune system stimulator, drugs, and vaccines for biological treatment. This gives the integrative care to modify, modulate and stimulate the function of the immune system and mechanism so that it can recognize and eliminate cancerous cells.

Detoxification pathways of the human body is a network of enzymes and enzyme systems; They help protect cells from reactive oxygen species such as free radicals. Enzymes work to detoxify a variety of cancer-causing chemicals that may have implications for the reduction of the level of cancer. Part of the lung cancer is toxicity, thereby eliminating exposure to toxins and detoxification systems are pushing to be the best is a powerful strategy for healing. In addition, clinical trials in the use of enzyme therapy have demonstrated that a combination of enzymes can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the patient. See Also: Stage 4 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy Without Treatment.

Tumor hypoxia or lack of oxygen in tumor cells has proven to be a factor for a poor prognosis in cancer patients. Cancer cells cannot survive in an environment containing oxygen. Oxygen therapy is a holistic or alternative cancer treatment which is used to help fight cancer cells and reduce the side effects of conventional cancer treatment. Many researchers think the lack of oxygen in our cells is one of the main causes of cancer. An impressive range of new ways to introduce oxygen into the body is appearing. Flood cells with oxygen can inhibit the growth of cancer cells or even help to restore it to normal and keep healthy cells at the level of its normal function. There are no side effects on oxygen therapy except for better health!

Holistic and alternative cancer treatments depend on nutrition and supplements to help cure cancer for many years. In Sanoviv, nutritional supplements provide essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to improve nutritional deficiencies, fight free radicals, promote detoxification and support effective biochemical balance in the body Your.

Modern homeopathy known as Homotoxicology offers a holistic cancer treatment to help in the fight against lung cancer, as the gradual destruction of the body's own cleansing system that leads to gradual compromising of defensive mechanisms. The reverse of this process will have great value in the fight against cancer cells, helping the body to regain its lost biological abilities to compete with invasive cells.

Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and soul. A mind and a positive, proactive spirit will help patients with lung cancer to fight cancer. A constant pattern of anger, hatred, and bitterness can put the body in a psychological session in a stressful environment. In Sanoviv, you will learn from our Integrative Healthcare team to promote the mind, body, and soul full of love and forgiveness, create a positive physiological impact on your body through psycho support.

Exercise is also very important to help the circulation of blood and oxygenation. The exercise program is tailored to individual needs and abilities. Practices such as Yoga are very useful because they have demonstrated mental and physical benefits for cancer patients in some medical studies.

The doctor will facilitate medical care and will coordinate all other treatments in your program. We know that staying at Sanoviv is just the beginning of your healing process. At the end of your stay, to support yourself on the path of recovery, you will receive a home care program for lung cancer that is designed to be included in your daily lifestyle. We will continue to support the progress made in the After program, which will easily coordinate all the questions or comments you may have for your team. of health.

Researchers have shown that there are certain genes that can promote the development of cancer known as Oncogene and certain genes that can inhibit the development of cancer known as tumor suppressor genes, and that their activity can be Transformed "on" or "off" of a variety of physiological factors that are very important because the behavior of these genes (oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes) are associated with the relationship between the external environment and the inner environment of the body. Although it has been shown that inheritance is not a major cause of cancer, a small fraction of cases may involve an inherited factor.

Cancer rates have increased alarmingly in the last century, especially in the last three decades, where cancer has become the second cause of death after cardiovascular disease. Some experts estimate that, at this rate, cancer deaths will overcome cardiovascular disease in just a few years.

Epidemiological studies have shown that up to 70 to 90% of all cancer cases are caused by environmental factors, lifestyle factors, dietary habits and chronic stress. In the case of lung cancer, the main cause is smoking. The risk increases with the length of time and the number of smoked cigarettes. This affects not only smokers but also people who are exposed to passive smoking. There are many other carcinogenic substances that can cause lung cancer as a diet rich in saturated fats and animal fats, alcohol consumption, an important exposure to asbestos, radon gas, certain viruses and particulate matter in the environment, among others.

In Sanoviv, a mission is to educate patients about the link between cancer and lifestyle factors; It is the main technique we use to treat the patient's life and cancer. We do not limit our care and medical treatment to operations, radiation, and chemotherapy. Over the years, we have learned the importance of healthy life and food, but now something fundamental and essential that it has become quite difficult for many people, either because of the lack of time, knowledge or awareness. We'll focus on evaluating your style. Life to determine whether diet, exercise and rest mode are most beneficial for you.

Lifestyle changes and a healthy diet can reduce mortality and morbidity for most cancers because a healthy body can usually defend itself against cancer development because it knows how to cope with these events. Almost everyone with cancer has some sort of energetic blockage of the body that needs to be fixed. Our bioenergy department will assess how this can affect your health and can determine what measures should be taken to restore the health of your domain. Energy.

Our team of integrated health professionals will thoroughly assess where this imbalance has arisen to find the main cause that has contributed to this cancer. This is usually a problem with multiple aspects that no health professional can understand or treat fully. The team you are driving is led by your doctor. Medical and includes: Dentist, psychologist, specialist in chiropractors, nutrition and fitness expert.

Do you use chemotherapy or radiation along with more natural treatments? Yes! Sometimes we suggest that you combine these useful aspects with our more alternative approach when it will serve your goals. of health. Only when there is no more natural approach, we recommend this. Finally, the use of this tool will be determined by you. With the support of your team. of health. Our approach will support the optimum function of your defense, so even when you are exposed to these treatments, you will be able to deal with them with fewer side effects.

What is the objective of your plan? of treatment? Medical care is directed against cancer, to support and strengthen your immune system and not to interrupt the healthy functioning of the whole body. Other disciplines, such as teeth, nutrition, psychology, chiropractic, and Fitness, Play a role to ensure that we achieve these goals and restore the balance of your life.

What is the success rate for cancer treatment? We don't have this recording at the moment. Our difficulty is that we have a very variable population with different types of cancer, stages and recommended a course of treatment. This creates a great difficulty to have a basic group. What we have discovered through our approach is that the previous stage of prognosis is better and very rarely requires invasive treatment. It focuses on preventing metastases or other primary cancers. We focus on the underlying cause and what makes you more vulnerable to cancer.