Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Timeline

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Timeline

Stage 2 breast cancer treatment timeline and guidelines - Everyone knows that breast cancer is a serious disease that is the leading cause of death in women. Stage 2 breast cancer is considered an early stage breast cancer. If the disease is detected early enough can be cured. However, the majority in Viet Nam, the level of people with breast cancer detected early on in the early stages is not high. When the disease is found at a later stage, the treatment will be far more difficult.

2nd class breast cancer is defined as cancer cells that have spread to the lymph nodes neighbors, but there is no distant metastasis at this stage. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment timeline - Breast cancer stage II is divided into two phases: the Phase IIA and Phase IIB. The difference between the two groups is determined by the size of the tumor and the status of breast cancer metastasis to the lymph nodes.

Symptoms of breast cancer stage II: Stage II breast cancer is a cancerous tumor located in the nipples or spread to lymph nodes neighbors. Breast cancer at this stage is divided into two groups: 2A and 2B. Both groups differ in the size of the tumor and metastatic breast cancer indicates to the lymph nodes.

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Symptoms

Phase IIA: no signs of primary tumor and < 4 lymph nodes with cancer cells. Or the size of the tumor is less than 2 cm and < 4 lymph nodes have cancer cells. 2-5 cm-sized tumors and has not spread to lymph nodes and under the arm.

Stage IIB: tumor Size greater than 2 cm but not more than 5 cm. Small Group breast cancer cells found in lymph nodes. The size of the tumor is larger than 2 centimeters but not larger than 5 cm. 1-3 cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the armpit or the lymph nodes near the breastbone. The size of the tumor more than 5 cm. Cancer does not spread to the lymph nodes. At stage 2, the majority of breast cancer patients do not have specific symptoms, only mild symptoms are more likely to cause confusion with other conditions such as fatigue, swelling of the breast, boredom. eat, lose weight.

Does breast cancer stage II can be cured? If you are diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2, the possibility is healing very well. Specifically, phase IIA has a 5-year survival rate, 88%, and 76% for phase IIB. If you were diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2, stage 2 breast cancer is considered an early stage so that his illness is not too serious. Stage 2 breast cancer treatment timeline - With the advancement of modern medicine, the survival rate for breast cancer patients has increased significantly. General statistics:

The survival rate after 5 years for phase 2A was 81%, 5-year survival Rate for stage 2B is 74% (if treated positively). According to some research, 70% of patients can recover fully after 5 years without metastasis. Stage 2 breast cancer is generally treated with surgery and chemotherapy adjuvants is enough. However, depending on each case, there is a specific treatment regimen. Surgical treatment and chemotherapy can also vary between hospitals and doctors directly, generate results the treatment changed.

When a person has cancer, no one can predict the outcome. Although there is no way they know for sure, cancer treatment groups will be able to give you an idea of how things can happen. It will become more apparent over time and because they know people with better cancer. The planning for cancer treatment takes time. Most people want to start treatment immediately. They worry that extra time to check or make decisions will spend precious time can be spent against cancer.

Stage 2 breast cancer treatment timeline - Cancer treatment should begin immediately after diagnosis, but for most cancers, it will not hurt to wait a few weeks to begin treatment. It gives people cancer time to talk about all their therapeutic options with cancer Care Group, family, and friends, and then decide what is best for them. Patients may also want to have a second opinion on what treatment is best. This is often a good idea, especially if the patient may experience experienced physicians in the treatment of their type of cancer. The second opinion can provide more information to cancer patients and help them feel more confident when choosing a therapeutic plan. Learn more in search second opinion.

Patients may also want to or need time to be ready to put their normal activities "hold " during treatment. For example, arranging for work or child care may be necessary, and taking care of this beforehand can help the patient concentrate more on the handling of care. If you or the patient worries that the treatment is not immediately started, please discuss your concerns with the cancer Care group and ensure that delays will not cause more problems.

How do we cope with uncertainty? When a person has cancer, they undergo several different stages. Your understanding and attention will also change over time. There will be the time you don't know what will happen next, and with serious cancer, it's a scary place. But there is no assurance in the treatment of cancer. There is no way to be sure whether the treatment is effective or not. No one can predict the side effects or issues you love during the treatment process. And even after successful treatment, there is still the possibility of cancer going back maybe even there are new cancers, other in the future.

Stage 2 breast cancer treatment timeline - How do we cope with the diagnostic pending? It can last a few days to a few weeks to find out whether it is cancerous or not and, if any, what type of cancer. This is a difficult time for patients and also for loved ones, who are aware of the ability to cancer. Some people realize that they think of the worst situations and wonder whether they have lost their relatives or not. Others can try to live increasingly and normally as possible and do not think about it. Most people have a mixture of fear and hope when they wait for the test results.