How Fast Does Bone Cancer Spread?

How Fast Does Bone Cancer Spread

How fast does bone cancer spread - Bone cancer describes the devastating bone malignant tumor tissue and healthy bones. But it must be known to the reader, that bone cancer is divided into primary and secondary bone cancer bone cancer primary cells are formed in the bone and secondary bone cancer starts elsewhere, eventually spread to the bones.

Facts about bone cancer, which must be known to the public, that is the benign bone tumors are more common than malignant bone tumors, there are a number of different types of cancer of the bone, early symptoms may include pain in the affected area, various diagnostic tests can Help diagnose bone cancer, and for radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery can all be used to treat bone cancer.

All bone cancer begins when cells in a part of the bone to grow out of control and suppress normal cells. This makes the bones hard work, as they should. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body, sometimes it may travel to the lungs and grow there. When cancer cells do, it is called metastasis. For the doctor, the cancer cells in the new location, which looks like a cell bone, where cancer began. How fast does bone cancer spread - So, if bone cancer spreads to the lungs (or elsewhere), it's still called the bone cancer. It is not called lung cancer if it does not start from the cells in the lungs.

How Fast Does Bone Cancer Spread?

Most of the time, cancer in the bones has not started there. It has spread to the bone from elsewhere in the body. For example, breast cancer often spreads to the bones. It is not bone cancer. It was the metastasis of breast cancer. Cancer cells in the bones, they look like cancerous cells in the breast and is treated in the same way. Some cancers start in the bone marrow (the bone center of the place blood cells are made). How fast does bone cancer spread - Multiple myeloma and leukemia is cancer that starts like this. Not bone cancer.

Metastatic tumors in other organs were significantly more frequent in primary institutions than in the bones. This means that most of the bones that develop in the bone was not the primary tumor (the primary), but metastases. See also: bone cancer survival rate.

Bone cancer can develop in any bone: the bones, where not only are there in each type of tumor but also at the stage when they are most likely to occur. The main symptom of most types of bone cancer is a pain, swelling, or redness in the affected area. About 15-20 new osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, and 10-12 around 5-10 sarcoma Ewing occur each year. How fast does bone cancer spread - But the importance of bone cancer is huge, because, with the exception of a few exceptions, in particular, cancer in children and young people. While up to 1% of all malignant tumor is a cancer of the bones, 10% of malignant tumors are included in this group.

Early detection and treatment of cancer bone metastases may reduce the risk of recurrence and increase survival rates. In the past, the tumor was again enlarged in the bones, which were treated with radiation and patients with back pain and radiation therapy are no longer available. For the assessment of the extent of damage and the risk of bone fractures, it is advisable to discuss the treatment of orthopedic surgeons from the beginning, and maybe cancer will develop in the affected area will also occur.

Whereas, damage to the bone recently with cancer and bone cancer site if there are metastases to the bones of the thighs, there are a variety of surgical procedures using artificial joints, replacement of the tumor, and the metal fixation. When the bone metastases were found in patients with total resection, kidney cancer more effectively than the removal and recovery of metals. How fast does bone cancer spread - If patients with cancer continue to experience pain for longer than 4 weeks after the active pain of the musculoskeletal apparatus, it is to be suspected, bone metastases and receiving inspection.