Symptoms of Lung Cancer Due to Smoking

Symptoms of lung cancer due to smoking - Symptoms of lung cancer from smoking, Lung cancer is a cancer that is very common, however, is relatively late with symptoms and the discomfort felt. For the moment, the possibility of early detection of limited, studies previously approved are burdensome and not without risks. Especially those people who have a high risk of lung cancer, so should be aware of the warning signs is important. The following text provides an overview. What is the person's risk of cancer or however the truth behind one or change other health, You had best be clarified by a doctor's visit.
Symptoms of Lung Cancer Due to Smoking

Symptoms of Lung Cancer Due to Smoking

The earlier the disease is detected, the higher the statistical likelihood of recovery for victims: Like many other cancers also applies to cancer of the lungs. Therefore, in the last few decades, many tests and studies are checked to determine whether they can be used for early detection of lung cancer. Despite all the research, however, the following applies: Until now, no studies are perfect for wide application in asymptomatic healthy. There are a number of reasons. The benefits and risks of routine tests so Far, no screening test is common for lung cancer to all people: All methods also have weaknesses.

A lot of the test is not accurate: the proportion of overlooked lung tumors malignant too high. Other methods are too sensitive again, You often solve the suspicion of cancer based, so there is no need and cause those affected stress the follow-up examination or care.

How Affected?
Good routine X-ray examination of the chest or analysis of cells in coughed bronchial called cytology sputum. Study over a variety of tumor markers in the blood have measured on the mortality rate: in the test has been proven. This procedure is not recommended by the experts for lung cancer screening. Against the benefits of health checks are always possible risks and losses should also be weighed. An example would be a regular X-ray: the Damage caused by radiation exposure that is relatively high will probably be higher than the benefits to the general public.
  • Overall, all the tested methods are early detection or Screening examination for the healthy population in comparison to the Benefit to consuming and stressful.
  • In the German statutory early detection program lung cancer is not early detection.

Symptoms of lung cancer due to smoking - Recent studies, therefore, were people who are at particularly high risk. To do this, especially smokers and people who are professionally came up with cancer-causing substances in contact, such as Radon.
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Latest Research For at Risk Groups: Computed Tomography For Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Promising results come from studies in which people with high lung were cancer risk regular computer tomography (CT) with low radiation exposure. An important example of a large-scale study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute. In the context of this "National Lung Screening Trial" (NLST) were investigated between 2002 and 2009, more than 53,000 persons between 55 and 74 years of age due to their Smoking behavior, an increased risk for lung cancer.

The result: by Using regular CT examinations, more lung cancers were detected. Also, the number of the period of investigation, who died from lung cancer patients in the computed tomography group is lower than in the comparison group, which was only x-rayed.

Meanwhile, scientists have calculated the Numbers of U.S. "National Lung Screening Trial" to the German situation. You have come to the conclusion that heavy smokers could reduce their risk of dying by regular low-dose computed tomography scans. They assume in their model calculation, however, is that at least half of all eligible smokers would take such an offer in the claim - otherwise the effect would be, overall, significantly lower. In the German LUSI ("Lung Cancer Screening and Intervention Trial") is since 2007 also to the earlier detection with CT at about 4,000 heavy smokers with a high risk. Previously, it was shown that lung cancer can be recognized early, and that also. Also, the Rate of "false alarms" decreases, if the tests are carried out regularly.
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However, especially the results of the test a false positive remains a problem: You need to be investigated further, to make sure it is clear that it is not cancer - a huge burden for those affected. Overall, the following applies: Even the benefits and the risks and costs of such tests must be weighed carefully.

In addition to reliability the most important reason is exposure to radiation: So lifetime exposure to the participants is increased with a CT scan of the usual, though getting better equipment, in the program significantly. The question is: "Is it worth" the risk of this compared with the benefits, namely to reduce the death rate due to lung cancer?

Previous research has also shown: one Hundred percent security does not offer the CTs. In the end, the investigation can not guarantee that someone is completely free of tumor. On lung cancer-small cell lung cancer certain often not detected in early stages, even with the examination repeated. Before CT can be used outside of clinical trials for early identification, these questions need to be clarified.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer from Smoking: What Now?2015 european societies have presented a collection of knowledge previously known, which occurs in a result is relatively positive in terms of suitability, at least for high-risk groups. The experts will discuss in your paper how the early detection of the ct scan regular should be organized, and what the public of this type of programs come into question. but they also add added: a part of these rates of early detection would be the training and the advice for quit smoking - smoking to stay higher risk of lung cancer.

Early detection of lung cancer at his own expense? Currently in Germany, a detection of the lung cancer is not recommended by the experts. The only exception: The research will be conducted as part of a clinical trial.

What Happens if You Want to be Carried out the Detection with CT Anyway?
The recommendation also applies to people who feel healthy, but in fact are at high risk: TC Regular scans so to speak, at his own request, is not recommended in medical guidelines current. therefore, they would have to be paid even when the call service of individual health (IHS).

Symptoms of Lung Cancer from Smoking

Symptoms of lung cancer from smoking - This will take You to the doctor: Cough, air, and shortness of breath, weight loss or chest pain or the bone may be a warning sign. Another thing is the clarification of the symptoms. Anyone who feels there is nothing wrong with the health of their own can go to the doctor every time: then all of examination procedures is available. However, lung cancer rarely causes discomfort in the early stages. A small Tumor is almost always found randomly, for example in the examination of the X-rays on the evening of another chance. More importantly, especially for smokers, to take symptoms seriously and discuss them with your doctor. Unfortunately, the signs of the disease are often so ambiguous and so often abused, such as chronic bronchitis. Cough new and persistent or worsening of chronic cough is the most common cause of injury in the doctor.
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Upon request, it often happens that they have been released for a long time, interesting stuff or lose weight. Often the bronchial tubes of mucus known a lot of smokers. The patient also complained about the ejection with a mixture of blood or if the ejection is increased, pain, fever or shortness of breath added, this is a warning signal that should immediately lead to the doctor.

If the tumor has spread beyond the lungs, it can also cause symptoms in other organs, called metastases. In the case of some people, this complaint is the first indication of this disease: in case of infestation of the bone, patients often suffer from pain, which was initially interpreted as "osteoarthritis", for example. If the liver is affected, it often happens weight loss, weakness and fatigue, are also symptoms that are not specific. Metastases in the brain can cause neurological symptoms, such as paralysis, pain of the head, but also confusion, seizures, or changes in nature.

Symptoms of lung cancer due to smoking - Specifically, lung carcinoma small form hormone-like substances that are released into the blood. Because this substance is produced in excess, it causes a typical change in blood or different, but to the complaints of the doctor that confused. These include anemia, too much calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia), coagulation disorders, neurological symptoms or skin changes. Syndrome paraneoplastic kind it even is the first harbinger of this disease at a fraction of the victims affected. All of this, a lot of these warning symptoms may cause lung cancer or lung problems other serious, but also more dangerous diseases. The fear that it could be cancer should not be an obstacle for a doctor visit.